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Portovenere revisited

One of our favourite places to go for the day is Portovenere. We had some friends with us recently and they had not been there……we needed no other excuse to go back.

Portovenere is a 2 hour drive from Bagni di Lucca on the Ligurian coast at the western tip of the Gulf of La Spezia. I doubt that you would find a more beautiful town anywhere.

There is a car park beside the sea near the centre of town. Perhaps in summer you would need to park further up the hill and walk down.


The pretty houses lining the tiny harbour are the first things you see when you arrive in town.


Portovenere is not a large town. There is is promenade along the sea and a couple of streets winding up the hill towards the churches and the castle at the top of the hill. Come for a walk….



Look at the date over the entrance to the upper street.


A very old wall.




A pasta curtain.


With tie back.


Stocking up on pesto.


Somewhere to stay.


The church on the point is actually 2 churches, one old, one new. The new one was begun in 1256.


The rocky coastline is stunning.



We walked up the hill towards the castle and passed St Lawrence’s church on the way.


It was consecrated by Pope Innocenzo II in 1130. The sculpture over the door depicts St Lawrence’s martyrdom.


The views from above the church are gorgeous.






Lucky bird!

I’ll show you where we had lunch in another post.



  1. Looks beautiful. Real mediteranian :).

    • Portovenere is a very beautiful part of Italy.

  2. Brought back memories of the wonderful day we spent in Portovenere.
    Great pictures!

    Pam Proctor

    • Even though the day was a bit overcast it is still beautiful in Portovenere.

  3. Oh I am longing to do that walk with you.. living on memories is not enough and thank you so much for the pictures, I shall pop back in for the lunch! that pasta curtain was pretty cool! c

    • We should have lunch here together one day. Those anchovies were delicious.

  4. Please time…thank you.

    • You need to do this. Just click on unsubscribe when you get your next email. Thanks for following.

  5. What a stunning coastline. I wish I was there!

    • The Ligurian coast is gorgeous all the way along.

  6. So beautiful thank you Deb. The picture with the arched window overlooking the sea looks like it came out of pirates of the carribean movie!

    • It is easy to imagine pirates sailing in this area.

  7. These are breathtaking!! Wow. I will be in Italy in June…I’ll have to go see this town!

    • You must go to Portovenere. You can take a boat from there to Cinque Terre, the best way to see the coast.

      • I most certainly will!

  8. I love the views from the church on the hill and the tiny details you reveal in your photos, Deb, such as the succulents growing in the stone arch. The jutting piece of rock out to sea looks like the shape of a crocodile or an elephant trunk. I wonder if it has a name? The pasta curtain is a very clever idea! Lovely to see the locals use natural products to sell their wares. What a pretty place to explore!

    • I don’t know if it has a name. It is certainly a beautiful coastline.

  9. Wow Deb, this town looks stunning. I have been to Italy several times but usually only the mountains or other main touristy spots. I really need to do the coast line! Someday…..

    • You need to go to this area on your next visit. It is breathtaking.

  10. Sigh……..

  11. Reblogged this on Not Just Sassy on the Inside and commented:
    This blog keeps me dreaming of my return to Italy –it’s been too long!

    • Thanks for the reblog! Italy is here waiting for you.

  12. We also love our day trips to Porto Venere! And our family and friends always enjoy the visit. Pasta with pesto, an “insalata caprese” and a glass of wine… paradise!!!!
    Lovely photos, Debra, you spoil us!!!

  13. This is a pat of Italy I don’t know at all…I had no idea it was so ancient – and beautiful. Thanks Debra.

  14. Wow, THAT was some treat…honestly, the pasta curtain AND tie back. You sure know how to entertain and tease us. Wonderful post; beautiful, quaint and ancient; just lovely. Thankful that you took the trip; grateful that we got to share in it. Love the details!!

  15. Simply stunning! Meanwhile, you have a knack for making my list longer on must see places!

  16. *sigh* stunning Debra. Love the pasta curtains too

  17. Don’t you just love it when “new” is built in the 1200’s? LOL!

  18. Amazing pictures…. did you change the camera??

    • I am using a Canon G12 which I have had for about 6 months. Before that I had a Canon G11. I can’t really see much difference between the 2…..both great.

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