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Sardinia…Sardegna…who cares? It’s gorgeous.

We are in Sardinia for a week! We arrived in Olbia and came to the Archipelago of La Maddalena, a group of small rocky islands at the very top of Sardinia. I knew it would be beautiful, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so spectacular. Take a look.


Flying into Sardinia.


The ferry across to La Maddalena.


Look at that sky!

La Maddalena is the only one of the islands in the group that is now inhabited. The islands were inhabited as early as the Eneolithic period and were called Isole Cuniculare by the Romans, and Isole dei Carugi by the Genoese in the 13th century. There is no information then until 16th century when Corsican shepherds began to arrive.

In 1793 during the war between France and the Kingdom of Sardinia young Napoleon visited the island. Admiral Horatio Nelson was also a visitor and his gift of 2 candlesticks and a silver crucifix are kept in the church of Santa Maria

The little town is very pretty, but the main reason to come is to see the rugged beauty of the island and its gorgeous coastline.


The port of La Maddalena.
















There will be more on Sardinia. I hope the sun stays out!


  1. So glad to see you have sun too, it’s back here in Bagni this afternoon so it would have been awful if you had rain there! Did you ‘fly’ in a plane? If so where from? I’d assumed you were going by ferry. Looks really beautiful, can’t wait to see more, haven’t been to Sardinia yet, seem to head for Elba for our island fix, but it’s looking very tempting!

    • We flew from Pisa to Olbia, only 45 minutes. We were going to come by ferry, but the plane was a better option. It is truly gorgeous here.

  2. Stunning photos Debra. Don’t miss Testa di Polpo (Head of the octopus…rock formation). Was a little hard to find but worth the effort. Also if you can take a trip to Budelli to see the pink beach. We sailed from Palau In an old wooden sailing boat, but they may leave from La Maddalena also.

    • We would have looked for a boat, but the wind is howling and the seas are quite rough.

  3. Wow, beautiful photos. I’d love to go to Sardinia!

    • It is a gorgeous place, you should visit.

  4. Sardegna is stunning isn’t it – we were there one August when it is pretty hot – glad you are getting sun – we are being a little drenched here!!

    • I would avoid this place in August….way too hot and crowded for me.

  5. The rock formations are quite artistic. Even the sky is beautiful… Great post and photos!

    • There are gorgeous rocks everywhere. I think they might need their own post.

  6. Have a great time in Sardinia, a beautiful place. Also, great local cuisine. Try the “culingioni”.

    • We haven’t seen that yet, but we will certainly look out for it.

  7. ahhh memories! I remember Sardegna in the 80’s before all the glitz and sky high prices and the days when you could take a day trip on a boat with the handsome local boys and camp on the spiagga rosa

    • What a pity things change so much when a place becomes popular.

  8. Lucky you. Enjoy!

    • The weather isn’t great, but it is gorgeous anyway.

  9. What a pretty little spot. Will you be popping over the channel to Bonifacio as well? Have fun

    • Bonifacio and Napoleon’s birthplace are on the list.

      • Bonifacio was a complete surprise for us. We were’t expecting anything, just a port stop from Sardinia across to Corsica. To say we were stunned is an understatement. It is the most spectacular town and a dramatic way to enter Corsica. The weather being as it is though, you might want to save it for another time. The ferry crossing might be a little rough. If it is any concellation, the weather has also been rainy and windy here in Lucca.

      • We did go to Bonifacio from Sardegna. It was a very rough crossing as the winds were howling. Several passengers were sick but we were OK. I agree with you that Bonifacio was wonderful. There will be some posts on it soon.

      • Whoops…”consolation”

  10. Lovely, lovely, very romantic in a classic sense. And you’re having great weather! Hope to make it there soon.

    • It has been extremely windy, but gorgeous anyway.

  11. Beautiful, so beautiful… Thank you dear Debra, Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • You would love Sardinia!

  12. We aborted a trip to Sardegna many years ago, still on our to do list. Looks like you will be having wonderful weather.

    • The weather has been windy, stormy and we have had rain, but enough blue skies to keep us happy.

  13. Spectacular views, Debra. I like the shot of the Port of Maddalena the best.

  14. You’re here! Wahoo! The photos look great, seems like the sun is staying in your neck of the woods! Have fun!

  15. Nice photos, Sardinia is wonderful. Buon viaggio.

  16. What a beautiful sea Debra. Gorgeous colours and the light…. Have a fabulous week – and keep us posted! Jx

  17. So stunning and rugged! 😀

  18. Oh my of my…inspirational…now I want to go there too!

  19. Love the rocks and thanks for the pics. Enjoy your week.

  20. You managed to see so much on your first day? Beautiful photos Debra. Try to get to ‘La Vecchia Costa’ for a meal, it’s on the way to Porto Cervo. Also a must is the Gelateria ‘Dolci Distrazioni’ near the Church on La Madalena (try the Mascarpone e fighi – to die for) Have fun! E.

    • We went to La Vecchia Costa and it was great and we also had marscapone and fig gelato at Dolci Distrazioni…..too delicious!

  21. Awesome! Do you follow Jennifer’s blog on Sardinia?

    • I do, and I will be meeting her tomorrow.

      • WOW!!!! That is so cool! Take a picture of you both and send it my way. That is really great. I met Lucy in Guatemala and we had so much fun together. It was truly wonderful. Have a wonderful time! 🙂

  22. So envious! Enjoy your time there!

    • Despite the fact that it is freezing and windy Sardinia is gorgeous.

  23. I want a holiday!!!! That is all. 😀

  24. I’m loving Sardenia… very beautiful

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