Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 10, 2012

Spring snow in the mountains

We have been having gorgeous, warm spring weather in Bagni di Lucca for the past few weeks. That all changed on Sunday when we had rain and cold winds. That didn’t stop us heading into the nearby mountains to visit Montefegatesi, the highest village in Bagni di Lucca.

As we drove higher the rain disappeared and the sun came out…….then it snowed!

The mountains looked spectacular in the late afternoon with the clouds swirling around.









These mountains have been clear of snow for weeks. What a lovely bonus to have another snowfall.


Montefegatesi looked spectacular nestled into the mountains.


Go to Bella Bagni di Lucca right now to see marvellous Montefegatesi perched on its mountain.

The sunset at Ponte a Serraglio was amazing that night thanks to the wild weather.




  1. It looks gorgeous in your Bagni di Lucca, and what a wonderful day you had. I well remember beautiful Lucca, and driving around all those lovely hill towns, but Bagne di Lucca? Must have missed it. How wonderful – a good reason to return:)

    • Nothing is as good as standing in front of these gorgeous things.

    • You will definitely need to return.

      • Oh yea …:)

      • It was a glorious afternoon.

      • Of course, it’s Spring:)

  2. Wow, I didn’t realise anywhere had had fresh snow. I hope the rain has been good for the river, though already it looks too low again!

    • There was quite a lot of snow up there….I was amazed!!!

  3. Great photos, Debra. I think that this snow was badly needed. It has Ben a very dry winter.

    • We need rain, we have had some, but not anywhere near enough.

  4. Oh wow!! Glorious. Such inspiration here Debra. Looking forward to visiting Lucca in a few weeks time.

    • Lucca is looking gorgeous right now.

  5. What a gift! I hope you were dressed for the weather so you you really enjoy it properly. The village looks spectacular.

    • It was quite cold in bursts, but when the sun came out it warmed up a lot.

  6. How lovely. I’m a keen skiier. Are there good ski fields about, which are appropriate for families with primary aged children?

    • There is good skiing at Abetone. It is reasonably priced by Australian standards and provided you go through the week it is great.

  7. This looked like an exciting adventure! Your pictures are just beautiful.

    • We were delighted when we rounded the corner to see this sky. It was gone minutes later when the clouds closed in.

  8. I have to go there!
    I have a soft spot for mountains and mountains towns… 🙂

    • You would love our mountains! The area is gorgeous all year.

  9. What a beautiful view-it must be mesmerising to look up into the sky and see those views!

    • I never get tired of the views here….ever.

  10. It’s breath-taking how beautiful it is there! I love these photos, Deb.

    • We are in a divine part of the world.

  11. How beautiful to have snow on the mountains even though it means cold, wet and miserable weather! It seems as though a cold front has hit all of Europe after stunning sunshine. It’s a beautiful area you have nearby.

    • I don’t mind the cold weather f it means skies like this.

  12. Wonderful images of above!

  13. Gorgeous Deb!!!!

    • It is a beautiful place to be.

  14. So beautiful, Debra. Love how the mountains transformed from green to white.

    • The weather changed by the minute.

  15. What skies! You rarely see the same hues in Asia.

    • These mountain skies are amazing!

  16. Wonderful photos, Debra, very ethereal and moody. They could be book covers or movie posters. A c couple look similar to Monterey where we’re living now, with similar weather except for the snow. Keep up the good work!

    • We have had storms and heavy rain so I think the snow would be all gone again. Our river has turned into a raging torrent for the moment.

  17. Love those wild mountain skies.

    • We have had some good ones lately.

  18. in the mountains seem to landscapes of lord of the rings

    • Our mountains here are very beautiful.

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