Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 23, 2012

The very first signs of spring

It has been extremely cold since I arrived in Bagni di Lucca about 2 weeks ago. It is much colder than I have ever known it to be in the 9 years I have been coming to the village.
There was a definite change in the air yesterday and I spotted a few signs of new life on my walk to La Villa.


The snowdrops were not there a couple of days ago.

The lizards are starting to wake up and poke their heads out of the cracks in the rock walls.




These lizards are tiny, about the size of my little finger.


There will be some daffodils soon.

This plant was determined to grow, even under the weight of an old snail shell.


My hyacinths are trying to make an appearance on my balcony.



The magnolia trees have furry buds all over them.



It won’t be long now until things turn green and the days get longer and warmer. I love spring in Italy!


  1. What a nice thought to cherish…spring being just in the corner! The photos are great!

    • They are very early signs, but spring is on the way.

  2. Amazing photos Debra, that lizard looks huge and very scary he’s so close up, even though I know he must be tiny really. I hadn’t noticed the magnolia buds yet, but that’s a good sign, I love the magnolias.

    • There are some buds on the trees in Villa Fiori.

  3. Lovely to hear! I am so looking forward to being back there and arriving now in Spring is pretty perfect!

    • See you soon. It is still cold, but spring is coming.

  4. Not long to wait at all! Surprising given just last week it seems you were under a white blanket. Beautiful photos, full of promise.

    • It is still cold and the snow may return, but spring is trying to come.

  5. Wow, what a difference a few days and a little more temperature makes. Spring is just so amazing, and so beautifull, but it’s not really spring yet officially, or is it in Italy???
    Jodie and I will arrive in Helsinki on 10th June, should be beautifull there with the start of summer. Looking forward to the strawberries they are the best…

    • Spring does not officially arrive until March, but the snowdrops have arrived.

  6. Thank you for all of your beautiful posts. So happy to know that Spring is close at hand after the tough winter there. That can only mean warm, wonderful summer to follow and that means we will be there. Returning to this area which has had my heart for sixty years is always a highlight of my year.
    I thank you Debra for allowing me to also enjoy it from a distance. Your photographs are amazing.

    • Winter was late coming. I was here last year until December and it was still fairly warm. We had that freezing patch like the rest of Europe in January/February, but it is starting to warm up a bit.

  7. Pretty pictures … ah spring in Italy, how lovely. That lizard looks enormous the way that you’ve captured it 🙂

    • He was a tiny little thing looking for a bit of sun.

  8. Oh, how I wish spring would arrive in Sardinia. The sun is out in full force today, but it’s still rather chilly. I went on a morning walk in the mountains and didn’t see any colour! I was hoping to photograph some flowers but alas nothing … yet. Pretty soon we too will be bursting with colour! I can’t wait.

    • It is still really cold here in the mornings and at night, but the days are quite pleasant and the flowers are just starting to appear. It is just gorgeous when everything starts to bloom.

  9. How beautiful and promising. Such a special time; the awakening. And, as so often, you’ve captured it in your unique and sensitive way. Enjoy it for me too; I can smell Spring just itching to show it’s face. Oh joy!!

    • I’m going to plant my pansies any day now. I love their happy little faces.

  10. I love the close-up photography, especially the photos of the lizard!
    I am glad it is beginning to warm up there!

    • Yesterday was quite warm, but the snow could still come back.

  11. I love spring. The images of the magnolia tree are beautiful. I am afraid I had to whizz by the images of the lizard as I find them a little scary!

    • I love this little lizards. Even if one bit you I don’t think it could do too much damage.

  12. Hi Debra!
    I love the photos you posted! Gorgeous shots of nature! It felt like spring these last 2 days!!!
    I was very pleased to meet you the other day!
    Keep in touch,

    • Nice to meet you too. I walked around the wall in Lucca yesterday. It was very warm.

  13. So beautiful! It’s going to be a while before we see any spring in Colorado! 🙂

    • We haven’t seen the end of the cold weather yet, but the days are getting longer and we have had sun so the buds are appearing.

  14. I am so envious! We can’t even begin to think of any signs of spring until April. March is technically our snowiest month but at this Rae ( we have had one of the warmest winters I can ever remember) perhaps it will come early this year. Or else it could be payback and get really cold. Love the photos!!! Especially of the gechos

    • We could still get some more snow or very cold weather. We need rain, the river is very low. The weather is strange everywhere.

  15. Who wouldn’t? It looks marvellous.

    • I love the see the changes that spring brings.

  16. Beautiful pictures as ever Debra! Looks like spring is always up for an early appearance – it must be such a welcome change from the heavy snow that has buried Europe this winter.

    • I missed most of the snow, but I got here in time for the freezing wind. The last couple of days have been lovely, nice to see some sun.

  17. So hopeful and uplifting!! So great to see first signs of the new season!

    • Spring is such a beautiful season here in Italy. I can’t wait.

  18. The arrival of spring always cheers us up and your great photos announce a beautiful spring just around the corner.

  19. beautiful! xx

  20. The snow drops are so delicate and how lovely to be anticipating the perfume of hyacinths – I love a climate where the seasons are clearly defined; it gives rhythm to life.

    • The hyacinths on my balcony have small flowers now and smell delicious.

  21. Those lizards look huge! Clever capture, although I’m glad you mentioned how small they actually are… They look like they could tackle a small dog!

    • They have the most amazing long toes.

  22. The magnolia buds look just like “Pussy Willow”. We had a tree in our garden when I was a child and I always loved it. I can still feel how it felt to me as a child. I just googled it and here is the correct terminology. Goat willow or goat sallow (Salix caprea), a small tree native to northern Europe and northwest Asia. How come we had one in Bendigo in Victoria I wonder?

    • Perhaps the climate is similar.

  23. Ah, i segnali della primavera! So much more intense than here in Aus, eh? You are doing a great job on the close up photos. Have you got a macro zoom lens? Looking forward to my next trip to Italy in 2013, hopefully…meanwhile we are living vicariously through your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have a Canon G12 and I love it. I just point and shoot. It is a great camera.

  24. Wonderful captures of a special moment in the year.

    • Spring is on its way and I can’t wait.

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