Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 14, 2012

What’s that cracking sound?

The freezing wind has gone and the sun is shining in Bagni di Lucca. It is still very cold, but not as bleak as it has been. I walked across the bridge this morning admiring our gorgeous winter day.




As I walked beside the river I heard a cracking sound. Looking down, I discovered it was the ice on the surface of the river cracking as it began to thaw.






I have never seen this on our river before. Normally the water would be a least a metre or more higher than it is, but there has been little rain for a year and the river is very low. As much as it pains me to say this, we need heavy rain for at least a week to set things right. The river should be full and rushing past our bridge, but it has slowed to a trickle.




It doesn’t seem to be bothering the duck and the goose, in fact they probably prefer it.





  1. Love these bright days… the photo of the bridge is my favorite 🙂 followed close by the cracking ice.

    • I love that little bridge. My apartment is almost on it.

  2. We had never imagined that there could be cracking ice in the Lima!!! Certainly, it looks very low due to the lack of rain; however, we feel that the situation will change shortly, as soon as temperatures get higher and all the snow and the ice in the mountains start to melt. Thank you for the photos, Debra, it keeps us updated.

    • Despite the heavy falls in the village last week, there is little snow on the mountains. We really need rain soon.

  3. Debra, what impresses me the most is your ability to notice things (and beautifully photograph them) in ways most people fail to do. This is, I think, because you do not rush, you take your time and your pace is slow, giving you time observe and elaborate such nice blog posts about our beautiful Bagni di Lucca, among other places. I am happy this is the case and hope we can read you for many more years to come! 🙂 Hugs! Rosaly

    • Thank you. Writing the blog has made me notice the details I probably would have missed before.

    • You have summed it up well, Rosaly. Debra helps us all to slow down and see the beauty with all of our senses.

      • I am lucky I have the time to do these things.

  4. Those shots of the cracking ice are GREAT! How beautiful everything is there .. in that wintry sunshine.. c

    • Thank you! The ice has gone now as we had a sunny day, not very warm, but sunny.

  5. Gosh a week is such a long time in meteorological terms. From a freezing Helsinki to a warm Rome and then back to a cold Bagna di Lucca and now a village bathed in sunlight. BTW I love the images of the duck and the goose.

    • I love the duck and goose, they are quite a comical pair.

  6. I love that little yellow house! Seems a few bloggers were out watching ice melt today! It was a beautiful day full of sun, our sunset set in red! Delighted!

    • I hope they never paint it white!

  7. Ahhh, the sound of nature doing its thing; and you have to stay still enough to appreciate it. I love these pictures!

    • Thank you. I love taking them.

  8. Hi … the photo’s are beautiful… Love the ice shots… Funny thing about blogging you do notice things and words keep happening in your head as you walk… hahha I dont know about you but I tend to format a blog as i see things…and hope to god that I remember what I was thinking by the time I get home….. Hope the rain comes soon… I have heard that it has been pretty bad in parts of europe with rain fall… V

    • I was wondering what I would write about today. It has been so cold I have been staying inside embroidering linen curtains, not really very interesting.

  9. Love the photos, Deb. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. I hope you are having fun.

  10. Icy pebbles and glorious reflections Debra. So lovely to see these images of Bagni di Lucca.

    • I love our little village, even when it is freezing.

  11. Wonderful reflections you captured, I loved them, dear Debra! Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day! With my love, nia

    • This is the first time the river wasn’t being whipped up by the wind.

  12. Lovely Lucca !!!!!! Thank you for sharing the simple, but beautiful things. I look forward to the progress of the embroidered linen curtains.

    • Hopefully I will be able to show you the furnished house in Vergemoli before too long.

  13. Some of the the photos of the crackling ice on the pebbles look like a work of art. I would happily hang them on my wall.
    I really wish this rain would go your way , for both our sakes .

    • We will happily take your share of rain.

  14. This is why I’m usually in Italy at this time of year. Those skies and the fresh air…. I love the shade of yellow on that lovely little house. Beautiful work Debra!!

    • I love the winter here and the change to spring is magical.

  15. Those ice cracking photos look quite amazing. I wonder if the ducks and geese ever catch colds?

    • I worry about their little legs in the cold water.

  16. Seems like the most wonderful morning walk!

    • It usually involves a walk across the bridge to the bar for a coffee.

  17. I recon that those two birds are confused and do not realise that they are different species. They look as if they are a couple the way they look at each other.

    • I’m sure the birds have no idea what they are. The white duck as been here for years living with the wild ducks and the goose is a later arrival. For a time the goose became fascinated by it’s reflection in a window beside the river and would stand there for hours admiring itself. I wonder how long they live.

  18. The photos of the ice filaments are quite extraordinary – do you suppose the river will be much boosted by the melting snows in the mountains?

    • There hasn’t actually been much snow in the mountains yet. There is still time, we can still get snow in March.

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