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Along the Grand Canal in Venice

The Grand Canal in Venice is always busy. It is full of vaporetti, water taxis and gondolas and lots and lots of people. It is popular because it is fabulous. On a good day Venice sparkles in the sunshine, it is magical. There is nowhere else like Venice.


































A trip down the Grand Canal is one of the most wonderful things you will ever do.

I have given Venice its own category. Look there for more on this incredible place. Click here to see the island of Torcello, a completely different Venice.


  1. I read that the water reflects up onto the ceilings of the rooms with windows onto the canals.. I would love to see that light. That sounds magical indeed.. c

    • I have not stayed in a hotel on a canal, so I can’t tell you if this is true, but I can imagine that it is. I love Venice! I have been there for a brief storm that flooded St Mark’s square with a golden light as it passed. Venice is magical.

  2. Fabulous photos, Deb!

    • Venice is the perfect subject.

  3. As always lovely images.

    • I can’t get enough of Venice. Even in the rain and cold I love it.

  4. Truly magical, the most beautiful place in the world. (too bad they can’t get rid of the ugly motor boats…). Thank you, as always your photos are beautiful!

    • I guess they need the motor boats, but they are not as exotic as the gondolas.

  5. Beautiful photos! Venice at night is magical especially that ride down the Grand Canal!

    • Gliding down the Grand Canal at night is amazing and I was lucky to find a spot right at the front.

  6. Our daytime experience on the canal and then in a gondola in Venice was amazing enough. Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of what nighttime on the water is like. And was that really a prison that we saw in one picture?!!

  7. A-mazing! This is officially on my to do list.

    • You won’t be disappointed.

  8. I will make it to Venice one year! 😀

  9. Thankyou…the photos are beautiful Debra!
    When we were there a couple of years ago we stayed on San Clemante about 10 minutes from St Marks Square. It was a wonderful location to enjoy everything Venice has to offer.

    • We stayed at the Hotel Firenze, also not far from St Marco.

  10. Fantastic photos – looks truly magical!

    • Venice is special. I have been several times, but find it new and exciting every time.

  11. Magic Venice! And you were able to capture that magic in your photos. Well done!

  12. No more flood?

    The Carnevale makes Venice more alive.

    • I was there one year at the end of Carnevale and it was certainly lively

  13. A city definitely not built by committee…or by efficiency as a guiding principle.

    • I don’t go to Italy in summer, I prefer winter, spring and autumn.

  14. Oh to be in Venice on a stunning day like this in the off season! Perfect. Beautiful photos as always.

  15. Love the photos, especially both day and night. I was fortunate enough to sing in Santa Maria Maggiore across the Grand Canal – beautiful church with perfect acoustics and best reached by boat. Your photos brought that memory back to life, thank you!

    • It was quite cold at the front of that boat at night, but I wouldn’t have missed it.

  16. I will be visiting Venice in 2012 for the 5th time and hope to stay on the Grand Canal and maybe I will see the LIGHT !!!

    Love your photos Debra just brilliant

    • 5 times to Venice. I’m guessing you like it.

  17. Beautiful pictures of such a romantic place!

  18. Venice is a paradise for photographers; you did a great job showing how many treasures there are for exploring.
    On our first trip to Venice a few years ago, we took a boat out to Burano and Murano. The islands were small, very charming, with homes painted in pastel pinks, oranges, blue, and red. I wasn’t much into glass, but was enthralled at the galleries that exhibit creative glassware that look like common things like candy, buttons, plates and things, all in colorful glass. I still have a dish w/ glass ‘candy’ that fools people until they pick them up. I have to caution them before they take a bite . . .

    • Venice is the perfect subject. I still have a post about Burano waiting to go up. I love this island.

  19. I’m back and need to linger for a while.

    • There are other posts on Venice and I have a few more waiting to go up.

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