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New York in Budapest

Imagine walking around Budapest and suddenly seeing the Statue of Liberty on the top of a building.  We just had to go in.  Commissioned by the New York Insurance Company, New York Palace was built according to the plans of some famous Hungarians and the building was opened on October 23, 1984.  The ground floor became the most splendid part of the imposing palace.  The majestic building was built in eclectic style relying on the Italian renaissance and baroque styles.

The Statue of Liberty in Budapest

We had a typical Hungarian lunch of Goulash Soup with beans.  It was quite tasty however the beef was a tad on the tough side and a bit gristly. The lavish surroundings made up for the meal.  The Hungarian wine was very good,  but sadly the coffee was not. After Italy I guess I am spoiled for coffee.  I was a bit surprised about this because in February 2001 the Italian Boscolo Group undertook the reconstruction of the legendary building and now run the hotel.

The beautiful fountain at the entrance

The new owners decided to re open the Cafe together with the renewed Palace.

The beautiful interior of the cafe

From Spring 2006 the New York opened and now welcomes guests in all it’s former splendour.

Part of the ceiling

If one clock is not enough

The entrance to the hotel

For sheer atmosphere, wonderful surroundings, friendly service and vibe, I can highly recommend The New York Palace and Cafe in Budapest.


  1. The interior shots are wonderful!

    • Thank you – it was spectacular

    • Thank you – it was rather fabulous

  2. I love it! This stuff makes me really homesick. But off to NY soon so that ought to fix what ails me. Thanks so much, Charlotte

    • Well it was just called The New York Cafe, it was actually in Budapest

  3. Amazing finishes. Shame the menu didn’t keep up.

    • It didn’t really matter about the menu, the place was amazing

  4. Sounds lovely! And no doubt warmer than outside ….

    • Yes it sure was warmer than outside. The wine and atmosphere made up for the not such good goulash.

  5. Good Grief! That’s a new building? I would never have guessed 🙂 Spectacular ceilings !

  6. Beautiful building! A pity that the Goulash, one of my favourite dishes, wasn’t very good. Just as you said, if the meat was not up to standards, it can ruin it. Or perhaps, they did not cook it enough. One of the secrets of a good goulash is to slow cook it for several hours and in this case you do not need a prime cut. Actually, the Crock-Pot is great for preparing it.
    As for the coffee, we get spoiled in Italy.
    Thank you for the lovely photos, Liz.

    • We sure get spoiled for coffee. One of the other places we visited had a better goulash, but really its something you try once and move on!!!

  7. Hi Liz, great to see you last week in Bagni di Lucca and, more importantly, to know you are having a fab time. How cold is it??

    Have finally set up my own wordpress, want to hear your thoughts when you have a moment!

    Speak soon! Ana O’Reilly

    • I thought it was cold in Budapest, but this morning in Bratislava was -3 with a freezing fog – brrrrr,,,,,,Yes am really enjoying Eastern Europe.

    • The boarding pass on iPhone/iPad is great ….. Qantas have had it for quite a while – how do I sign up for your blog?

      • Wrong message – meant for Ana

        Sent from my iPhone

  8. What a gorgeous interior; I think I could possibly forgive (just) bad coffee in such stunning suroundings.

    • Absolutely, it was gorgeous.

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