Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 21, 2011

From the Ponte Vecchio


I can’t possibly visit Florence without walking across the Ponte Vecchio. I know it is full of tourists, but I don’t care, it is gorgeous and the views from there on a fine day are wonderful.






Winter is almost here, but it was a glorious November day in Florence.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. the succession of bridges across the water is such a peaceful image.. thank you c

    • I’m going back tomorrow to climb the campanile.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Stunning.

    • It is easy to get good photos there.

  3. I would say that this is an ideal time to visit Florence. There are always too many tourists (including ourselves); however, this is not peak season and it is neither too hot, not too cold. I think that it must be very difficult to live in Florence. I remember meeting a very nice Italian couple at a restaurant in Lucca and they were Florentines. It was Sunday and they had to come to Lucca to have a nice, quiet lunch!!!!!

    • It is the perfect time to go to Florence. We had lunch at Trattoria Bordino again the other day. It was excellent. I’m going again tomorrow.

  4. Nothing like a rower to give you a super shot, is there?

    • I think the first shot would look better without the bridge at the top, but I don’t know how to crop photos.

  5. Great pics! I love the first one, amazing ripples.

    • I like that one too.

  6. Wow, these photos are GORGEOUS! I totally love them!

    • The Ponte Vecchio is a wonderful place to be.

  7. Beautiful photos Debra. What a perfect day

    • I was there again today – perfect again

  8. Beautiful images. I wish the weather was as glorious here!

    • We have been very lucky this year.

  9. I have fond memories of walking over that bridge and of Florence in general. Lovely photos, as always.

    • I wandered around the back streets of Florence today. There is so much to see.

  10. Beautiful! Thanks Deb…

  11. probably one of the cities i love the most. so beautiful. i can walk and walk and walk and never get bored with Florence.

    • You would never run out of great things to see in Florence

  12. I love that first photo too – I can almost hear the “plip” of the oars and the “swoosh” of the boat as it slides through the water 🙂
    Gorgeous setting, too!

    • It is almost enough to make you want to take up rowing.

  13. Fantastic photos, love the one before last. Florence is such a magic place.

    • Florence is one of the loveliest cities in the world.

  14. Lovely picture of the rower and the pattern created on the water..

    • I loved that pattern and today was a bit windy, so there were no reflections or patterns.

    • It was a perfect day on the river.

  15. Ah, my fondest memory of Florence was walking across the Ponte Vecchio at sundown… all of these pictures are stunning Deb, they just exude a sense of peace.

    • Evenings from the bridge are beautiful.

  16. I’ve looked through the photos 4 times, in an attempt to decide which is my favourite – it changed each time – all the photos are beautiful Debra thank you for sharing them, it’s the next best thing to being there!

    • I was on the Ponte Vecchio again yesterday. It is great now that there are fewer tourists. I love the off season here.

  17. I took your advice Deb and went to Florence on the bus from Ponte a Serraglio when I was there a few weeks back. It was so easy! I had a wonderful day which like you, had to include a stroll across Ponte Vechio – my photos that day looked very similar but I have to say not as good!!

    • The bus is definitely the best way to get to Florence from Bagni di Lucca. I did it yesterday.

  18. We Have had an amazing November .It should be raining!!

    • I know! It is incredible. I’m off to Lucca for a bit of wall walking today.

  19. Beautiful – oh makes my heart ache….

    • I never tire of Florence or the Ponte Vecchio.

  20. We wanted to go to Ponte vecchio when we were in Florence, but we missed it. hopefully next year we’ll visit it if wewent to ITaly. Amazing pictures…. awesome.

    • You will definitely have to go back to see the bridge.

  21. My Highschool was just on the left side of the bridge you shot (Santa Trinita), just out of the frame unluckily 😀
    OH! Actuallyt you shot it! It’s the building left of the bridge on the photo from the Ponte Vecchio. My classroom was just behind the tower with construction things on it!!

    • I hope it brings back happy memories for you. Being in Florence would have to make you happy.

  22. Awesome reflections Debra !

    You should enter some of these in a photographic competition – you would easily win first priize.

    • Thank you Bob from Clayfield.

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