Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 24, 2011

Feeding the ducks at Ponte a Serraglio

There is a man in Ponte a Serraglio who feeds and takes care of the ducks on the river. I imaginatively call him Duckman.
We have a little flock of wild ducks that have made their home in the river beneath my apartment. There is also a white duck and a goose who think they belong to the group. They hang around with the wild ducks and they all seem to get on.
I was beside the river this morning in time to see the ducks swimming swiftly across the river to Duckman’s call.





Take a look at our beautiful November day at Ponte a Serraglio.



I am particularly fond of Duckman. My lovely father used to feed wild ducks beside the small lake in his back yard. He said it made up for his duck shooting days when he was young.

Here is another look at our river, this time with Granaiola reflected in it.


Click here to see more on the ducks and here to see Granaiola, the village that sits high above Ponte a Serraglio.

Duckman’s name is Signore Alighiero Talenti.


  1. Deb you always seem to capture the moment perfectly
    Fond wishes Alan

    • Thank you. I took hundreds of photos in Montalcino at the festival. That was a lot of fun.

  2. There should be a heritage order on that yellow house. Anyone who paints it any other colour would ruin the good shots.

    We became fond of those duck too.

    • We want to paint our place eventually – any suggestions on the colour?

      • For your house colour, WHITE WHITE AND WHITE or maybe tuscan peach colour would also look nice

      • I’m not fond of peach, except in a peach. White is a possibility. Green is my favourite colour. There are some nice green houses in the area.

  3. We also have wild ducks and a goose coming to the mill, but they are not the same who reside at Ponte a Serraglio. I regularly feed them from one of the windows and they immediately notice my presence and start calling me. We have named the goose “Pavarotti”, because he literally “sings” for his meal. A very noisy chap. But I love them. Usually, they are four ducks and a female, but there are some “guests” as well.

    • Most of our females have moved on because they have had such little success with their ducklings. Duckman does his best by building them nests above the river, but as soon as they head for the water the eagles and crows pick them off. For a little while the goose became fascinated with his reflection in the glass in one of the buildings and could be seen for hours there admiring himself.

  4. Amazing photos Debra. I look at these and have to pinch myself to check I really am lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place! The sky over the passerella is fab and the Granaiola reflection is superb. It’s nice to finally have some water back in the river again!

    • I can’t believe that blue sky we had yesterday. I am going to hate leaving here next week.

  5. Sometimes your photos are like stepping back in time, Deb. You’d never see steps next to water like that here, they’d be big railings and warning signs. And that bridge is something else – does it sway when lots of people walk on it? Fascinating stuff. Good on duckman for looking after the birds! 🙂

    • Most of Italy would be declared too dangerous by our silly Australian standards. Everything would be fenced and out of bounds. The bridge moves a bit, but it is very sturdy.

  6. That’s heartwarming. It is really nice to know someone is feeding the wild ducks.

    • Most people in the village feed the ducks with their bread as well. I’m sure they have a very nice life.

  7. This is so beautiful, and how nice feeding them. I loved these photographs but dear Debra, number 5 is my best one, the yellow building is amazing… You did a great shot! Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Our river is very photogenic.

  8. Im digging your blog. Very well put together, very ascetic, those pics rock.
    I like the pic of bee’s wax, at first I thought it was parmesan cheese. Some of the real italian stuff looks funky.
    Keep it up, Im followin ya!!

    • Thank you for your comments and signing up for the blog. I hope you find interesting.

  9. I reacon he is fattening them up for X’mas……….. Specially that goose. Keep your eye open in case the numbers go down around that time……….
    Only joking.

    • He is probably a bit old and tough by now anyway .

  10. Beatiful scenery you have right there…but you gotta get the Duckman’s real name really!!

    • He is Signore Alighiero, I’m still working on his first name.

      • That’s great! Good work 😉

      • Thank you!

  11. Aww I love these moments with nature and animals! 😀

    • The ducks are a lovely part of the village.

  12. These pictures are very sweet and touching for some reason. I love the yellow house.

    • Duck man loves his ducks.

  13. I love it! I really like the picture of the reflecting water. It looks so lovely there!

    • I love our little village on the river.

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