Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 9, 2011

Early morning at Ponte a Serraglio

This is my first morning back in Bagni di Lucca. It is quite cool on my balcony, but I think we are in for a fine day.


My geraniums have survived the summer and still have a few flowers left.


There are still roses.


The basil is still growing. I see some pesto coming up.


The window boxes are thriving.


I love these cool mornings.


I will soon be at Il Monaco for my first coffee and sfoglia – yum.


  1. Welcome back Debra!!

    • Hi Rosaly, see you at the bar soon.

  2. I am missing Bagni di Lucca and the sofglia today, having just departed yesterday. Bagni was wonderful and our group used your blog as our tour guide. Leda from the Information office recommended a walking tour with Joanna, who led us over the hills to Corsena and La Villa. A very interesting four hours, very informative. Dinner was superb at Ristorante del Sonno and we wished we had more time. One of our best afternoons was spent watching the passing parade, moving from Bar Italia to Il Monaco and back again.
    Thank you for your blog. I don’t think we would have found Bagni with it.

    • I am just about to head to the bar now. I’ll have a sfoglia for you.

  3. Oh lovely. I have a photo of your weather vane. Is the little green boat still “parked” below your appartment? We can now enjoy more photos of this beautiful area. I am sure you are helping tourism of the area. Congrats.

    Cheers Judy

    • I haven’t spotted the boat yet. We got in late last night and I am just about to head for the bar. I will report my findings.

  4. Missing it already, BdL!

  5. I wish I was there…. Have a nice cappuccino on my behalf and say hello to Brian and Carolyn if they are still there….

    • I had coffee with Brian and Carolyn just now and we are heading off to the Mall. I will say hello for you.

  6. what is a sfoglia? …have one for me whatever it is! xx

    • Take a look at the post called Breakfast in Italy and you will see a sfoglia. I will most certainly have one for you.

  7. Welcoem back Debra…thank you for your blog and thank you to KathS for the comment about the dinner at my restaurant.
    Ristorante Del Sonno
    P.S. the temperature dropped but it is forcasted to go up again…not as warm as we had until some days ago

    • We will be up for dinner soon. I have recommended all my friends to your restaurant and they all love it.

  8. It really looks like a nice and relaxing day. Tuscany helps…

    • Breakfast at Il Monaco was an excellent start to the day.

  9. A day just has to turn out well when it looks like that! 🙂

    • My first day back at Ponte a Serraglio was excellent.

  10. Congrats on being back, Debra. Your basil looks especially lovely. Hope you enjoy your day.

    • The basil, mint and thyme have survived the summer very well.

  11. Debra, welcome back to Italy! I leave today but will be back next week — so with any luck, we can have a caffe and sfoglia together at Il Monaco!

    Cheers …

    • I will look for you next weekend. We will have a coffee or Campari at the bar.

  12. Welcome back, my blogging friend! I am so glad your flowers survived!

    • It is great to be back in Italy. I will be here for 2 months.

  13. Bagni di Lucca looks so beautiful in your pictures. I hoped you enjoyed your ‘first’ coffee and sfoglia.

    • I did enjoy my first coffe and sfoglia and I look forward to many more.

  14. What a lovely place your Bagni is! That shot of the houses down to the river is always so breathtaking; I really can smell the wood burning fragrance as it floats over an autumn day; having an abundance of basil may belie that; but hurry up and make it soon. Anxiously awaiting more shots of ‘the’ house.

    • The basil won’t last much longer. The days are getting shorter and the mornings and evenings are quite cool.

  15. Buon giorno! (Literally, I can see!) And welcome back to Italia. Your Paris photos brought back wonderful memories….

    Since the last time I commented on your blog, my travel plans have begun to take shape: because of your enticing and bountiful descriptions of BdL and the area, I have decided to spend a week there as part of my month-long wanderings of northern Italy.

    I arrive in Italy in February sometime! So excited I can’t stand it!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing corner of the world.

    • Let me know if I can help with accommodion in February.

      • Thank you. Can use all the help I can get!

  16. Welcome back to your other home! wish I was meeting you for that morning coffee.

    • We will meet for coffee in May next year.

  17. I adore a brisk fall morning….and when you combine an Autumn morning with a view like yours, what you get is a bit of heaven on earth. Enjoy that pesto! My basil died weeks ago….

    • Autumn is a beautiful time to be here. I am looking forward to a few walks through the chestnut forests around us.

  18. Enjoy those mornings of a sfoglia and coffee Debra….breathe in the coffee for me *ahhh*…

    • I will be making the most of my time here, you can be sure.

  19. You’re back in Italy, hooray! Can’t wait to read about your adventures, Deb! 🙂

  20. Debra I am jealous !!! Have just returned from Andalucia and loved every minute, we followed some of your recommendations. Thank you
    I have penciled in bagnidilucca for 2012,
    I had hoped to catch up in Brisbane for some hints for our visit but we have been travelling since August and time just disappeared.
    Will keep in touch enjoy enjoy your wonderful home in Italy x

    • I will be back in December so we can meet and have a chat about our travels.

      • Excellent will look forward to your return x

  21. Bentornata Debby stai diventando un fotografo professionista. ciao see you soon

    • I will be in Gallicano as soon as I have my car for a gelato. Can ‘t wait.

  22. Welcome back dear Debra, how beautiful these photographs, I really wish to visit Bagni di Lucca one day, Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia

    • I hope you do visit Bagni one day. We will have a coffee and a sfoglia at the bar.

  23. omg…yum…have more than one for me! xx

  24. Hi, Debra——enjoyed Bagni,its surrounds so much—–walked and watched the world go by——–sat on the balcony,—–watered the plants and smelt the basil.Grateful for all the help we received

    • I’m pleased you enjoyed your time here. I hope you return one day.

  25. Beautiful! Basil looks very promising.

  26. Here I am stuck at home while dreaming to be where you are now. Pfffffffffffff
    There is not a day that goes by without me thinking about living there. Patience my friend patience…..

    Enjoy your stay Deb and think of me suffering here hahaha
    Paul Stoker

    • I’m thinking of you in Perth. The weather here just now is perfect, cool mornings and warm sunny days.

  27. Hi Debra,
    It’s good to be home but also sad to have left behind the special places like Pone a Serraglio. Made a delicious pesto last night just to keep the memory going. Thank you for the opportunity once again to enjoy a typical Italian village life.
    Say hello also from us to Carolyn and Brian if they are still there.
    We also enjoyed a great lunch at del Sonno. Also a big hello to Louis when you get to Lucca.

    • I love being back in the village. We have already been to Del Sonno. Marco reopens tonight, so I can hear my pizza calling.

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