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Lunch at La Tour d’Argent

Some friends who have been traveling in Europe are in Paris this week. We met for lunch at La Tour d’Argent at 15 quay de la Tournelle. Kirsi booked months ago or we would not have been able to get in. Thank you Kirsi!
This restaurant is beautiful, probably the loveliest I have ever been in. It is worth going for the view over Paris, but the food is wonderful too. It is a very elegant restaurant and I didn’t think they would appreciate me taking photos, so I missed the first courses, but then I saw others with cameras so mine appeared too.
Take a look at the beautiful interior.


Our beautiful centre piece.


On another table.


Here is our amazing view from the restaurant.


Now for the food. I ordered duck with figs.


There was a mini duck confit with a fig on top.


The fish also looked excellent.


This tray of delights arrived before dessert. Some of them were eaten before I could photograph them.


My dessert was chocolate tarte with figs. I do like figs.



The other dessert looked mighty fine as well.


The service in the restaurant was excellent. We were also very impressed with the chap in charge of the press.


We were not sure what the press was for, but the chap handled it with aplomb.


This next photo is not great, but I want to show you how close we were to the Notre Dame.


La Tour d’Argent has been around for a long time. It does things very well.



  1. Deb I have wondered if it is as good ask the hype, and now I thank you for this, the duck is amazing. On our list….merci

    • I thought it was excellent and not too expensive for the experience we had there. You should try it.

  2. Deb, this restaurant is always on my list when I go to Paris, but never got the chance to go there for many reason. Reading your blog makes me feel as if I was there too. thanks so much for sharing!
    Next week I am going to DC and NYC, I will be thinking of you!

    • It is a wonderful restaurant. You must try it next time you are in Paris.

  3. Such beautiful food, works of art, great photos. When do you arrive in Bagni di Lucca? We have the last few figs on the tree but the birds are eating them fast now, but you may just be in time to catch some!

    • I will arrive in Bagni di Lucca tomorrow night. Save me some figs!

  4. Wow–how amazing that meal must have been!

    • Everything was delicious and the view, spectacular.

  5. OH MY LORD……that duck …….I can taste it……and the presentation!!!!!!! Yes Debra Kolka….you are one lucky girl!!!!! Enjoy please …..for me too 🙂

    • Hi Nadya, haven’t heard from you in ages. I will be in Bagni di Lucca tomorrow night.

  6. Looks amazing! It is on my list for the next time I am lucky enough to be in Paris.

    • Book ahead or you may not get in.

  7. Oh… La Tour d’Argent in Paris (I have not been to the Tokyo one), it is an incredible place, well worth the money and the trouble to get a booking.
    The press you saw is called a “Presse Ă  canard” and it is used to prepare a special duck dish called “Canard Ă  la presse” or “Canard Ă  la rouennaise” (which I do not like very much… there are other dishes that I prefer and your duck confit with figs looks like an excellent choice.) It is used to press the carcass and offal of the duck to make the base of the sauce in which the duck pieces are cooked. In my opinion, the sauce taste is too strong. There are very few of those presses still around. “La Tour d’Argent” owns a couple of those, the one you saw, which I would say is the most used one and another one, which serves as a backup.
    My favourite French duck dish is “Canard Ă  l’orange”, which is not really French, but Italian.The dish was “imported” by an Italian chef who accompanied Catherine of Medici when she married Henry II of France. Catherine was not very impressed with the French “cuisine” at the time and she brought cooks and ingredients from Tuscany.
    Catherine also introduced the use of the fork to eat elegantly. Before her, only spoons and knives (and hands) were used… So the Italians taught the French some manners… and how to cook…. Quelle horreur!!!!

    • Thank you for that great information about the press. We really enjoyed our lunch there. I will have to go back with Jim.

  8. What a stunning view for lunch. The food looks fabulous too – I can just taste the figs or is that wishful thinking!

    • Everything was delicious.

  9. Yes we love it too. And they have their own duck farm

    • I received a card with the number of the duck I had for lunch. It was 1103203 – poor little thing.

  10. Wow, I have never been there but it looks amazing! Great photos as always. You are an excellent photographer!

    • Thanks, it was a fun lunch and I am so glad they let me take photos.

  11. Deb, it’s beautiful. Oh how wonderful your dining adventures are. Love the fresh flower centerpieces, and that view is amazing. What a fantastic experience. 🙂

    • Dining at La Tour d’Argent was an excellent dining experience. I would go back any day.

  12. Great photographs! Especially the flowers… so artistic and also the view from the windows… So beautiful. I can imagine how exciting to be there and to taste all these delicious foods… Thank you, with my love, nia

  13. The view is wonderful.
    Looks like a place to visit.

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  15. C est un veritable plaisir passez a lire cette article, je vous remercie enormement !!!

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