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Bagni di Lucca has a very big shoe shop

There are about 6,500 people living in the group of villages that make up Bagni di Lucca. At Daddo Calzature in La Villa I think there might be several pairs of shoes for every man, woman and child.

the entrance to the shoe shop

 They sell all kinds of shoes, but seem to specialise in hiking boots. This makes sense as there is lots of excellent trekking to be done in the area. Jim bought a fine pair of boots which have served him well on his forays into the mountains. (Click here to see where he went on one of his trips). They cost him only60 euro and have given years of faithful service.

lots of hiking boots

There are 3 rooms stacked to the ceiling with shoes. I suspect there are even more in an upstairs storage area.  The people working here seem to know each pair.

paked to the rafters

another room full of shoes

 Stepping into the shop is like going back in time, in the nicest possible way. The oldish gentleman working there told us the shop used to be in the space under our apartment many years ago. Clearly that wasn’t big enough and they moved to their present position at 27 Via Umberto I – the main street in La Villa. The business has been going for at least 50 years and looks set to last another 50 at least.

Call in and say hello, your next pair of shoes might be waiting for you there.


  1. Great shop. I can confirm that the several upstairs rooms are equally crammed with shoes, mostly childrens.

    • It is a huge shop for a village the size of Bagni di Lucca. I think it is a great shop.

      • A great shoe shop although not cheap you can still pick up a bargain.

      • I think their prices are pretty good.

  2. I’ve never had so comfortable a pair of walking boots as the ones I bought there.

    • That’s good to hear. Jim has bought a few pairs there and our friends who are in the photo bought some too.

  3. I have been buying shoes there for 40 plus yrs, My parents toook me there when I was still in my youth and it’s always nice when I return and they know me.The older woman in the store knew my mother well.I love their boots!

    • The shop has certainly been around for a long time. Let’s hope it is there for another 50 years.

  4. Nice photos!

  5. Last year I hurt one of my feet very badly and I could not wear a normal pair of shoes. We were in Bagni di Lucca and my husband took me to Daddo to try to find something suitable. They managed to get me into some very confortable slippers which did not look too bad at all. Not the most elegant shoes I have ever worn… but very confortable. And they found them immediately amongst the hundreds of boxes they have in the shop.
    I cannot remember their slogan. It goes something like “Ovunque cammina, Daddo Calzature…. (I can’t remember the exact word).

    • High fashion may not be their speciality, but they do well for comfort.

  6. That is my kinda store…shoes, shoes, shoes.

    • You would be spoilt for choice here.

  7. How fun, Deb! I love shopping in places that take me back in time. That, indeed, looks like a lot of shoes!

    • It is old fashioned – in a good way.

  8. I would go broke there! Wow…! I love Italian shoes. They are so beautiful!

    • This shop would be good for you since you love to hike.

  9. I must have walked around with my blinkers on last time I was in Villa (2006) – I can’t remember seeing a shoe shop there…! Next time I’ll know where to go to get a pair of good Italian-made walking shoes…

    • The shop is huge! It is right at the end on La Villa, perhaps you didn’t go that far.

  10. I love Italian shoes!! It looks that you can get really nice hiking shoes from there. I think I start planning my visit to your lovely village, I have never been there…

    • You must visit lovely Bagnii di Lucca.

  11. Shoes and Italy. Could there be a better combination?

  12. I tell you something about that shop. Their Alpine walking shoes are the best priced ones I have ever seen. It is not a palace but there are bargains to be had that is for sure.

    • There are plenty to choose from.

  13. Now that’s the other thing I want to visit Italy to buy apart from food, shoes!

    • There are lots to choose from in Italy.

  14. Italians do the best walking shoes. My current pair are the most comfortable shoes I think I have ever worn.
    It looks like a well loved shop.

    • It is a wonderful shop. I love the fact that it has been there for 50 years.

  15. Just found your blog and I wanted you to know I love it! I’ll be reading all the way from Portland, Maine. How often do you get to Northern Italy? I have friends in Borgosesia in the Piemonte Region.

    • I am in Italy for about 6 months every year. I love Piedmont!! I have been 3 times to Torino for the Salone del Gusto and I have visited Alba, Bra and several other towns and villages in the area.

  16. Great store, I love shoe shops. Years ago in a small Cretan village we were offered a room for a night by a family. The room in question had two small pallets on stone beds and enormous sacks of shoes, mostly childrens. I think they must have been the village shoe store. Your post brought that memory right back up from where it was buried. I would be in your shoe store buying shoes for sure 🙂

    • I swear the people know every pair of shoes in the shop. I love it!

  17. Wow, that’s where my parents bought all my shoes every summer. Daddo was my dad’s friend. Happy to see they are still in business.

    • They are very much still in business. The shop seems to be busy when I go there.

  18. Great shoe shop. I am son of a shoe maker and I understand very well how important shoes are for human being.

    This post was very lovely and photos told additional story of Your text.

    • It is a lovely old fashioned shop – and they have lots of shoes.

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