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Brisbane’s city beach is back

The beach at Southbank was completely submerged in the January flood and it took a long time to clean up. All the contaminated sand had to be removed and replaced with brand new white sand, among other things. The workers have done a great job.

The beach is back, looking fabulous and full of families on school holidays enjoying a perfect winter day in Brisbane.

a perfect day at the city beach

what's not to love about a free beach in the city?

a swim with city views

lots of new white sand

there is even a lifeguard

there are quiet corners

a fun water park for kids

I wish this had been around when I was a kid

the resident dugong

from here it looks like a tropical resort

there is also a huge swimming pool without sand

there are shady trees if you need them

the ducks love it too

Southbank is back in business. It was great to see people out and about enjoying this great space. As well as the beach, there are picnic areas, cafes and restaurants in all price ranges. I think we are very lucky to have this so close to the city. 

the river looks calm now

 Click here, here, here, here, and here to see the floods in January.


  1. Happy days. 🙂

    • I was at Southbank yesterday. It’s looking good isn’t it?

  2. Won’t the beach look beautiful for the swimwear show at Brisbane’s fashion festival. Looking forward to it. Perfect spot!

    • Let’s hope we get a great day like yesterday. We are so lucky to have aperfect venue like Southbank for the fashion festival.

  3. Beautiful! Nice to know it’s been restored so quickly! How cool to have something like this in the city…

    • I think it is wonderful. I walk through there as often as I can. There are some good restaurants there as well.

  4. I laughed at the lifeguard perched on his little tower. The beach is very safe, but then, with little kids about, one cannot be too careless. Yes, big bouquets to the Brisbane planners for organising such a lovely relaxing spot so close to the city. I love the photos, Deb, especially the little bits one can easily overlook i.e. the cute resident dugong – thanks to your keen eye behind the camera.

    • I have never noticed the dugong before yesterday. I think she is lovely.

  5. I visited Brisbane just shortly after the floods and I was amazed at how quickly everyone had gotten everything back together. They did a great job!

    • There are still lots of houses (including ours) that are not fixed, but the city is mostly back to normal.

  6. That’s really beautiful!!!! I could live there

    • It’s not bad for the inner city is it?

  7. Great to see that Brisbane is recovering and looks terrific.

    • Winter is a great time to be in Brisbane, especially on days like yesterday.

  8. Sort of thing that makes me think I could live in Brisbane… what a gorgeous facility you have there!

    • It is amazing to have such a great park so close to the city.

  9. What a beautiful looking day! Good to see Brisbane recovering from the floods…

    • Brisbane is looking good in the winter sun.

  10. That looks fantastic! I absolutely love the photo of the duck.

    • It was a very cute duck and it was having a lovely time in the pool.

  11. I can’t believe that they’ve done such a good job getting everything cleaned up – much kudos to everyone involved!

    • The beach has only opened very recently. There was a lot of work needed to bring it back to normal. It is now looking great.

  12. Good to see it back….i can see it from my office window and now i’m inspired to walk over the bridge one lunch time and see for myself!

    • You should do that. It’s looking great.

  13. Our beautiful Brissy and the glorious Qld. sunshine, even in winter. We are so lucky to live here.

    Enery day is closer to a full recovery from the flood, well done to all..

    • There are still lots of houses needing work, but it is happening.

  14. Looks absolutely fantastic! There were a few beaches back home in Chicago that we frequented, bet definitely not in the winter! It’s funny that people can associate this beautiful beach with winter weather! I’m so used to snow and ice, but perhaps we’ll get sent to Australia for the second leg of our trip! Great photographs! It’s amazing how well they have recovered after the flood. Kudos to everyone who helped!

    • This is just a man made beach in the city. You should see our real beaches. There are 2 posts on the beach where I grew up – A day at Main Beach and Main Beach, my old stamping ground. I hope you come to Australia.

  15. WOW, gorgeous, cant believe you are swimming, we are experiencing the worst weather since forever, blizzard conditions and all. Love that they have fixed things up so quickly. 🙂

    • The weather in Brisbane in winter is the reason I come home from Italy in May. I love it here.

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