Posted by: debrakolkka | May 10, 2011

A last look at the pansies on the bridge

Pansies won’t last all through summer, so it is time to replace them with geraniums. Here is a last look before they go. I took these photos a few days ago. Since then we have had a couple of very windy days and they have been knocked around a bit. In a way that  makes it easier. It is very hard to take them away when they are still looking good.

Thank you pansies for putting on such a good show for the past couple of months. The next challenge will be keeping the geraniums alive through the summer when I am not here to water them. Nobody seems much interested.


  1. The pansies are pretty but what lies beyond is so beautiful.
    What an amazing place to live. I’m envious!

    • It is truly beautiful here, I hate to leave.

  2. Hi Debbra!

    Maybe I can water the geraniums as of September 1st, when I am in Bagni di Lucca.:)

    • That would be great! Last year there was rain through summer, but this year seems much drier.

  3. If the geraniums survive into July I’ll give them some water – promise!

    • You will be busy watering the ones on the balcony.

  4. They’re beautiful…good for you.

    • My motives for putting the flowers on the bridge are quite selfish – I like to look at them.

  5. I love to have flowers on balconie, yours are great and the scene behind is magnificient..

    • Our village is very beautiful.

  6. I love to see the geraniums on the bridge and am so grateful to you for putting them there, and of course the pansies. They enhance our beautiful town enormously. Due to running the B&B I couldn’t commit to a daily watering, but I’d happily give them an occasional soak to try to keep them going. We’re not quite near enough though, can’t see me lugging that much water from here! Think I’d have spilt it all along the way! Is there a water source near the bridge?

    • I am trying to organise people to water. I think there is a tap near Bar Italia if you are passing by and they look dry.
      I will be leaving a watering can in the shop under our apartment and we have water there. Any help will be appreciated.

      • Okay, that sounds perfect. Are you around this Thursday? Have no breakfast to make that day so I will try to pop into Il Monaco and grab a pastry on way back from school run, about 8.30. Maybe see you then.

      • I’m not sure yet. I have friends arriving tonight and they may want to go to Florence. I will let you know.

  7. I love the photos! Beautiful!

  8. Picture perfect once again, must be hard to leave !!
    I would offer to water your geraniums but seems you have lots of volunteers.
    I could see myself quickly boarding a plane just to water your geraniums.
    Dreams are wonderful x

    • Drop by any time you like with a watering can.

  9. Pansies always look so delicate and colourful! Whenever I pick them they wilt quickly though so I really ought not to pick them 🙂

    • They are best left growing. They are such happy looking flowers.

  10. Fare thee well sweet pansies of Bagni ! Until next Spring!

    • They have done their job very well.

  11. I love your pansies – they remind me of little kitten faces looking up to the sun. What a lovely way to say goodbye. Your geraniums will be just as pretty. I enjoyed tending them when we stayed in your beautiful apartment. Thanks for sharing your stunning photos, Deb. Always a pleasure to see flowers on your blog.

  12. These photos are gorgeous and the pansies still look brilliant.

    Bring on those geraniums now……

  13. After all your beautiful photos of the pansies, we planted some in the pots on our front veranda. They might be in flower when you visit on your return. And of course we will keep up the watering on our visit in September.

    • Good luck with your pansies. I can’t wait to see them.

  14. PS. The possums do like to eat them, their fate might be challenged………..

  15. I love pansies, especially orange and purple together. Yours look so lovely. Needless to say the view is amazing as well. You will be sad to leave.

    • I am always sad to leave, but knowing I will be back makes it easier.

  16. Such beautiful photos! Those pansies are lovely.

    • I have planted the geraniums now for the summer. They look a bit straggly just now, but hopefully they will improve.

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