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She’ll be comin’ round the mountain

The Pyrenees that is, the dramatic and rugged mountains between France and Spain. The drive from Carcassone to Ainsa, the tiny village in Spain we decided would be our next stop, was very interesting. The French countryside is beautiful and changes gradually from flat plains to the climb through the mountains. Most of the following photos were taken from the car, so they may be less than perfect.

a rural scene near the mountains

the Pyrenees behind the clouds

dramatic countryside

snow on the mountains

quaint village along the way

dramatic scenery

still snow beside the road

above the snow line

I love the mountains

a pretty valley

waiting to go through the tunnel into Spain

our first Spanish town

the countryside changes

the big rock that keeps watch over Ainsa

We chose Ainsa because the guide book says there is no more beautiful village in Aragon after the sun sets.  When you see the pictures in the next post you may agree.


  1. Keep hanging out the window taking photos Deb. Roz & John we are with you!

  2. One of my best walks ever was through the Pyrenees – though it’s tougher if you don’t use the tunnel! Thanks for the great photos too.

    • Even easier in a car.

  3. Wow, you’re back in winter! Beautiful!

  4. Fabulous journey….. I was there in 1971 and had quite forgotten it. Love those alps.x

    • It’s gorgeous up there.

  5. The Pyrenees, my Homeland! Thank you for the great pictures!

  6. Wow, these are great pics, except for a couple, you can’t tell they were taken from a car window!

    • Thanks, I’m getting better at the car stuff. My first ones were just a blurr.

  7. I’m only a newbie to your blog site Deb but I thoroughly enjoy each new read. The photography is stunning but then you have great subjects.

    • Yes, it is fairly difficult to take bad photos when everything is gorgeous.

  8. I have done that same drive many years ago and I am followinhg with much interest- never fear your pictures are near perfect even if you are taking them out of the car window. Hope you find the drivers better behaved in Spain that we did all those years ago.
    Safe Travels and keep up the news – loving it

    Di Cant

    • Hi Di, The Spanish drivers are far less treacherous than the Italians. They actually stop at pedestrian crossings!!!

  9. Yep….. keep taking those photos Deb, sounds like an amazing drive & I love the Spanish village too.

    • It was a great drive and the French/Spanish drivers were very courteous.

  10. Looking forward to the next post then! I have yet to see ‘real’ mountains… yes, I’ve seen some, but the Australian ones barely poke into the snow line and they’re not the kinds of places where you come through a pass and see another, bigger one in the way! Great pics!

    • Thanks. Most of the time we couldn’t have stopped the car if we had wanted to as the road was quite narrow and there was either a cliff or a wall of rocks beside us.

  11. Love hearing all about your journeys and I am hanging out to see some of the knockout sunsets you promised……..stay safe and well………

    • The sunset proved to be a fizzer because the weather wasn’t much good, but all was not lost.

  12. I’d like to turn that old church into a B&B. I wonder if anyone would mind…

    • If we go back that way I’ll drop in and ask.

  13. […] and from and around Spain. I had fun taking photos from the car. We began our Spain journey in the Pyrenees. driving through the Pyrenees there were lots of tiny villages very […]

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