Posted by: debrakolkka | March 19, 2011

The magnolias are back in Lucca

The brief magnolia moment in Lucca is almost over.  The flowers come and go so quickly in Corso Garibaldi, I have to make regular trips to Lucca to make the most of their loveliness.

white magnolias

pink magnolias

It has been raining, which makes the flowers fall even more quickly. Soon the leaves will appear and the flowers won’t be seen until next March.

Click here to see the magnolias on  Corso Garibaldi last year.


  1. magnificent!

  2. We don’t have such flowers like this… I saw cherry blossom in US and that the first time I see a tree with full of flowers and do not have a leaf at all. The trees here always green, nothing change, LOL 😀

    • Where you are sounds a bit like Brisbane. Most trees are always green. We do have Poincianas and Jacarandas which get their flowers first, then the leaves.

  3. I love these photos. So very beautiful, and magnolias are my favourite.

  4. My little magnolia is almost fully out, it is a stellata so looks a bit different from these great magnificent beings! The flowers also hang around a lot longer here than where you are by the seem of it! Glorious photos! Thank you!

    • The flowers only last a couple of weeks. Trees in different areas flower at slightly different times. It is colder in Bagni di Lucca and the trees here haven’t done their thing yet. Almost every year that I have been here, the weather has been awful when the Corso Garibaldi trees are at their best and I don’t seem to be able to get photos on a sunny day. They are so gorgeous it doesn’t really matter.

  5. So beautiful!! I think this would be good time to travel to Italy to enjoy early spring…

    • Mid March seems to be when these trees are in flower – in this area anyway.

  6. These are beautiful! You know, I never realized that these trees that are in flower now were magnolias. I grew up in the southern US and we had the other variety which is now covered with beautifully waxy green leaves (it flowers later and makes the most amazing perfume). Big white flowers. But these that you show here are stunning…also on their last days here in Milan. Thank you for this.

    • The huge trees with the white flowers the size of dinner plates are grandiflora. I’m not sure of the proper name for this type of magnolia, but who cares what they are called, it is enough to look at them.

  7. Nature at one of its prettiest moments. Thanks. It makes a very wet and grey Brisbane day seem so much brighter.

    • These trees have brightened up our grey days too.

  8. Beautiful aren’t they. Love magnolias, such a pity they’re just around for such a short time.

    • It is a pity, but soon we will have wisteria.

  9. So beautiful! I thought you might enjoy this David Attenborough clip about ancient magnolia..

    • Thank you for the clip of David. What would we do without David? I just love him.

    • The magnolia was interesting too.

  10. Absolutely stunning. I think the stark difference between seasons in some climates makes you appreciate what each has to offer. Enjoy the brief appearance of the magnolia flowers. MLT

    • They are so pretty and the season is so short – at least we can take photos to remember them.

  11. Such a gorgeous pink. I think that would be rather lovely, looking out my shuttered balcony window on to those lovely magnolia.

    • They are heavenly. Liz had a beautiful magnolia outside her shutters, but Giovanni has just chopped it down because it left a mess on the road. I’ll try to find a photo to show what we are now missing. What is it about old men and the need to chop down trees?

  12. Deb, love this – remember only too well being there with you last year and other years when we would hurry to Lucca to see the beauty of the magnolia trees. especially in that one street ( Corso Garibaldi) but also dotted all arround the city and surrounds. That David attenborough video is fabulous too.
    ciao Di

    • It happens every year and luckily I am always here at this time.

  13. oh Waw Deb, the pictures are so beautiful I can almost smell them!

    • They are very beautiful aren’t they?

  14. Beautiful amazing flowers… I love spring for its blooming flowers.

    • It’s great isn’t it?

  15. What beautiful flowers! I especially like the white ones. I had no idea that magnolias produced that many flowers on each branch.

    • The trees are so beautiful for a couple of weeks.

  16. Beautiful shots.

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