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La giornata di festa

I had heard that there was to be a gathering of school children at the sports stadium nearby to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

Fortunately I was a bit late starting off, otherwise I would have missed the march to the stadium. I was heading off and I heard the familiar strains of the Italian national anthem from what sounded like the loudspeakers mounted on the little car I saw the other day. I hung back to see the car. Sure enough, it was the little Panda driven by the chap wearing the hat of the Bersaglieri.

the parade to the stadium

the Sindaco (mayor) and police lead the group

the colours of Italy

a young patriotic Italian

the crowd gathers

a perfect day for a celebration

the mayor made a speech

children sang and played instruments

children on parade

There was a display of rhythmic gymnastics. What they lacked in precision timing, they more than made up for with happy enthusiasm.

kids having fun

red, white and green crowd

It was great seeing the old soldiers joining in.

Alpino, left and Bersagliero, right

2 more happy soldiers


Stefano and Alessandro – 2 handsome Italian men

At the end of the celebrations everyone joined in for the Italian anthem. I wish I knew the words. It was a great morning. I wouldn’t have missed it for quids.

Grazie per una bella festa. Viva Italia!


  1. The hats of the bersaglieri are amazing…do you know what kind of feather that is? Perfect day. Perfect sky. Here too.

    • The feathers are from the capercaillie – wood grouse. These soldiers used to jog instead of march. I once saw a Bersaglieri band who ran while playing their instruments, most impressive.

  2. Great pics, thanks. I’ve spotted one son in the crowd, holding up a green card, haven’t spotted the other yet.

    • I hope you find the other one. It was amazing to see so many children, when there are so few out and about most of the time.

  3. Good to see the locals celebrating their nationalism. Those grouse feather hats must be very heavy, judging from the way they tilt to the side; or, is that how they wear them? I enjoyed the pictures, Deb, especially the ones of the children. The little patriot is very cute even though she looked so solemn. Maybe, she was feeling overwhelmed by the occasion?

    • I think the hats are worn to the side. Some of them have very long feathers. It was a fun day.

  4. My friend Sharon who married a Tuscan, (you might have heard me mention her) has the very same hat that her husband Francesco wears but I haven’t noticed before how much to the side it is worn, very fetching.
    Also isn’t that little girl in the cream coat such a wonderful example of how the Italians love to dress well, it starts early. You are in the right place Deb. Ciao Roz

    • The children here are mostly beautifully dressed – yes they start early.

  5. Nice to see multi-generation participation!

    • Everybody have a great day and seemed happy to be there. The old men, and that handsome young one, were delighted to pose for photos.

  6. How fantastic to see your photographs of our good friend and neighbour Stefano who looks so splendid in his feathers. We look forward, as always, to returning in April. Your photos and comments keep us going here in England through the long Winter months. Thank you.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos of the day. Stefano seems like a delightful man, and so handsome in his hat.

  7. I’m totally wowed by the bersaglieri’s hats! 😮

    • To see a whole group of them running with those hats on is amazing.

  8. Hi Liz,

    Lovely photos. The stadium, also the lovely Le Torre farmhouse can be seen on the hill. Grazie.

    Interesting goings on in Brisbane. The Brisbane Lord Mayor interested in becoming the next Qld. Premier.

    Cheers Judy.

    • It was a great day. Campbell Newman might just do it. A lot of people don’t like Bligh.

  9. The Italians love a parade and a dress-up, don’t they? Thanks for taking photos to share with us … 🙂

    • They do love a parade, and I did too.

  10. How fantastic, I gotta say lovely, I am SO jealous of your life, to see the wonderful things you see. I am crazy about Italy, and this here parade looks awesome.

    • It was fun and I am so glad I was part of it.

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  12. Deb-Where is this stadium located? I would like to find it in Oct when I come back for a week-I am vowing to do no day trip touristy things and stay in town to learn more …love all your detailed info as usual.

    • The stadium is between Ponte a Serraglio and Fornoli – on the right heading towards Fornoli. There is lots to do in the village if you look for it. I will be back in October too.

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