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Le Stanze – Bologna

Le Stanze is a beautiful bar/cafe in an old church in the heart of Bologna. You can drop in for a coffee, snack, aperitivo, dinner, or, as we did, lunch. Lunch is a bargain at 10 euro for one course, water, a glass of wine and espresso. For 2 euro extra you can have a side dish or dessert. The food is good, the service is bright and friendly and the setting is exceptional.

a great room


looking up

looking through to the dining rooms

near the ceiling

You may get a stiff neck from looking up to the gorgeous ceiling. Stop for a coffee when you are in Bologna.  It is open every day (except for Monday morning, but you can’t blame them for that) until late.

1 Via del Borgo di San Pietro


  1. How fabulous! Next time Bologna is on the list, we are going!!!!

    • It a great spot and excellent value. I think it is a bit more expensive at night.

  2. Wow! We keep passing Bologna en route to other places but not stopped there yet. But Bologna now goes on my list too for this place alone, how wonderful to eat in such a setting.

    • Bologna really is worth a visit – for the food markets alone. The city is really interesting. To me it is a true Italian city with a wonderful jumble of buildings and fascinating places to wander in.

      • I agree completely. We’ve been to Bologna 2x and loved it for feeling like a local. Not too many tourists. Maybe different now but lovely welcoming people and fabulous food. Very interesting city.

      • Bologna is one of my favourite cities in Italy. Few tourists go there and I don’t know why.

  3. Stunning.
    All holy wine? 😉

  4. Wow what a setting! Wish I was going to Bologna this trip!

    • Bologna should be on everyone’s list.

  5. Debra you keep wetting my apetitie for BOLOGNA, thankyou for you information.

  6. What a memorable setting for lunch. Bolongna never looked this good when I went there. I needed a guide obviously.

    • You need to come with me.

  7. Added to our list for our next visit. Thank you Debra. And I do agree with you, Bologna is worth a visit. Besides what you have mentioned, the two towers (Asinelli and Garisenda) , which remind us of San Gimignano, the medieval arcades (48 km), the university, the palaces and basilicas…. Fabulous city!!! And to top it all, the people, well dressed and good mannered. To us, this is the real prosperous and modern Italy that has not forgotten its past. Worth a visit, or many visits!!!

    • I try to go every time I am in Italy. I discover something new each time.

  8. That is a good find. For next time! Ciao Roz

    • I was introduced by a local (well almost)

  9. Wow, the setting is absolutely exceptional, I imagine I’d have a very stiff neck from gawking at all the little nooks & crannies. Lovely setting for a lunch.

    • It is a visual feast.

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