Posted by: debrakolkka | December 6, 2010

Hermes opens in Brisbane

The Hermes Group was founded in 1837.  The name is synonymous with luxury goods and now we have a store in Brisbane.

Hermes in Brisbane

The shop is beautiful.  It stocks leather goods, accessories, divine table ware, exquisite silk scarves, fragrances and a small clothing range.  It is extremely popular already.

beautiful accessories

a very useful winged sandal

Hermes symbol

opening celebrations

Hermes – a welcome addition to Elizabeth Street.


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. I can tell you that Neil put up all the beautiful Hermes signage. Wasn’t a easy job, but looks great. Good photos, now I know what it looks like. Must get in to the city soon.

    • It is a fabulous shop. He did a great job.

  3. Hermes sandles…. now that’s a bit of a show stopper!!!

  4. I love that THONG!

  5. One day I’m going to own a Blue Jean Birkin-one day! 😀

    • Do it now!

  6. I want those winged sandals… 🙂

  7. i hope they will close down as soon as possible. fashion houses really destroy human lifes…

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