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Portovenere – again

Portovenere means Port of Venus.  We visited on a perfect autumn day.  The locals complained that the season had been poor, with too much rain and not enough tourists.  We were lucky, it was a glorious day, we got a car park and we had the place practically to ourselves.

It is so beautiful, I just have to show you more. 

the giant sandy beach

the rocky coastline

enjoying the sun

the steps to the sea

seaside souvenirs

flags in the breeze

the colourful jumble of buildings

the Grand Hotel

On a previous visit we stayed at the Grand Hotel, which offers the very best view of Portovenere.  Make sure you get a room with a window overlooking the tiny harbour. 


This bird was so friendly, I could have picked it up

I think the birds have the tourists well trained.  The white one approached us looking for food, but wasn’t bothered when we didn’t have any.  It had a bit of a chat and moved on.

waiting for her ship to come in

She might be waiting a while, but it is a pretty good view from there.


  1. I’m glad Portovenere means ‘Port of Venus’. I feared it could be an old sailors’ translation of ‘carrier of venereal disease’.

    • The books say it means Port of Venus – but who really knows?

  2. I have just returned from Italy and reading your blog makes me fell that I am back there for a few minutes each morning. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your kind comments!

  3. oh finally a statue of me… hehehe.. great shots yet again…Steps by the sea is really worth an award;;; great job

    • Thanks for that. I love Portovenere. I am so lucky that our apartment in Bagni di Lucca is so close to so many wonderful places.

  4. I can’t get enough of this place Debra, great pics 🙂 Love the statue, its amazing.

    • I love her too, she sits there so patiently.

  5. Beautiful photos. Love your blog. Love it, love it… I think I hold my breath a little every time I bring your page up.

    • Thank you!

  6. That last statue is amazing!

  7. Sooo picturesque! Thanks so much for the photos, Deb, and I’m with Anna, can’t get enough of your posts on Portovenere!

  8. Love your Blog-we will be back to our flat in Crasciana in March. Do you have any advice for that time of year-we have never been in Spring.

    • Spring is fabulous in Bagni di Lucca. The weather can be unpredictable, but the spring flowers more than make up for that. The magnolia street in Lucca will be in action – look for the post on it – and it is a wonderful time to see places like Portovenere and Cinque Terre before the crowds arrive. I will be in Bagni di Lucca in March, perhaps we will meet at the Bar Italia.

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