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Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary – Rome

ancient ruins in the heart of Rome

These ancient ruins, once home to emperors from times before Caesar, are now a sanctuary for some of the abandoned cats of Rome.

a rescued cat

a nice new place to live

A group of international volunteers run the sanctuary and welcome visitors  – and donations.  All cats who make their way here are cared for, fed, vaccinated and neutered.  Some of the poor little things look a bit the worse for wear, but they get to spend their days basking in the sun and posing for endless photographs.

in the shop

There are cats roaming everywhere, particularly in the shop/office/clinic.

take your pick

striking a pose

lucky cat

I think it is great that people are prepared to donate their time to care for these previously unloved and unwanted kitties.

The sanctuary is open every day from noon until 6pm.  You can send donations, and letters – probably not to the cats – to –

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

c/o Silvia Vivani

Via Marco Papio, 15

00175 Rome, Italy


  1. Bless them for doing that – what a wonderful service! I hope they manage to find happy homes for most of them…

  2. I visit Torre Agentina each time I visit Rome. It is wonderful these volunteers work so hard for the cats. And the cats certainly appreciate the living quarters. The love the warmth of the stone
    from the sun in the cooler months. I believe they
    are happy.

  3. Personally I prefer dogs, but these photos are great. I like the ” take your pick” photo!

  4. Actually I think my eldest would quite like the idea of writing to a cat in Rome. “Cara Gatto, Come stai…”

  5. That’s a bit cute, love the idea that people care for these puddy cats.

  6. This brings back memories of my visit to Rome – we saw the sanctuary from the outside, but didn’t get to go in. It’s great to see some up-close pictures from inside!

    • Thank you. I always visit when I go to Rome. It is good that people give their time to help the cats. They have an adoption program, so hopefully the cats will find happy homes. It also helps to get them off the streets.

  7. I visited this sanctuary last month and did a tour of the office and saw the cats recovering from surgery etc. My friends and I gave a donation. Love cats. Took lots of photos

    • I always feel compelled to leave a donation for the poor little pussies.

  8. H i, will be in Rome 15th to 19th January, 2011 & will most certainly visit as I am a big time cat lover & am so touched by your work.
    As I illustrate cards I will bring some cat cards for your shop as a contribution & thank you for caring for these wonderful animals.

    • Hi Liza, It is not my shop, I just wrote about it. I visit each time I go to Rome to see the cats and leave a donation. I’m sure they will be happy to see you.

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