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Salone del Gusto – day 2

The second day at Salone del Gusto was much busier than the first.  We had trouble getting around for the crowds.  We struggled on in the name of research and were rewarded for our efforts with more taste sensations.

more cheese

more salami


this little scene would have fitted in a shoebox

exquisite white plums

part of the delegation from Swedish Lapland

tying tomatoes into bundles


little piggy cheeses

slicing the porchetta

the very special nougat stand

This very special nougat will get its own post – look out for it.

David and Liz

We met David Prior, the very talented Brisbane boy who writes for Delicious and Vogue Living. He has recently graduated from the Slow Food University in Bra – a great achievement. Look for his articles, he writes brilliant travel and food stories.  As well as this he works with Alice Waters, the American food expert.  David directed us to the street food section of Salone, and in particular to the Bombette Pugliese stand.    I don’t know how they are made, but if you ever come across one, eat it immediately.

bombette Pugliese

We were pleased to see that our area of Bagni di Lucca was represented at Salone del Gusto.  The stand in the street food section was selling minestrone di farro.  Farro is a type of spelt wheat popular in our part of Tuscany.

the Garfagnana stand

You can be involved in Slow Food by joining a local group.  There is a small membership fee which is used to promote the cause of intelligent food production around the world.  Local groups often help with school gardens, among other things.  Anything that makes us think about the food we eat has to be good.


  1. This post is magnificent Deb. How could anyone not want to go there? It seems totally magical. It is on my list of things to do for sure. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

  2. Thank you for this delicious blog -could almost taste those sensations just by looking at the images. I loved seeing the famous former Brisbane foodie David Prior giving you all good pointers at the slow food festival. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ditto to Moira & Dianne.., so cool to see an Aussie doing well on the world stage. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. What is in that bombette-is it pork? It looks so good!

    • I think it is pork wrapped in pancetta – or something like that. It was very good.

  5. Now this is the sort of blog I adore! Loved the cheese pigs, and tying the tomatoes?!!
    I also liked the look of the nougat man – I mean stand!

    • The nougat man was very charming with his Hermes tie. He gave us lots of samples and lovingly told us all about his nougat – which will be the subject of the next post.

  6. Deb, what wonderful photos – thank you so much for sharing with those of us on the other side of the world. I couldn’t believe the porchetta! And loved the lapland costume, thanks for taking that pic too.

    • It is a great event – you should go in 2012.

  7. Debra, seriously…you are killing me here. A post combining the country I adore (second to Australia) with the most amazing slow food around. How have I only just ‘discovered’ your blog?
    You mentioned going in 2012, is it only every 2 years? Are there any other foody festivals that you would recommend for this time of year in Italia?

    • The next Salone will be held in 2012. This one would be enough. There are lots of events which are held all over the area – Piedmonte. The truffle festival in Alba is on at about the same time. Alba is gorgeous and a great place to visit in autumn. If you went you could visit the wonderful towns where the famous wines come from – Barolo, Barberesco, Nebbiolo etc. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Great pictures!
    Thought you and your readers would find this post of interest
    warm regards, Simona @ Cellar Tours

  9. […] we were in Torino for the Salone del Gusto.  We left one food mecca for another.  While Salone del Gusto happens once every 2 years, Eataly is a permanent market for the lucky Torino dwellers. inside the […]

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