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A very special nougat

While browsing at the Salone del Gusto in Torino we came upon a stand selling nougat.  One, in particular caught my eye, Limited Edition Scaldaferro.  I noted that it contained almonds and a type of honey –   fiori iodata.  I had no idea what this was, so I asked the delightful attendant for an explanation.

a very special nougat

a small peek at the contents

The nectar for the honey is gathered by bees from flowers that grow on and island in the Venice lagoon.  Because the flowers grow by the sea, the honey has a slightly salty taste, which is apparently evident in the nougat.  I wonder if the honey is collected by virgins at the time of the full moon.

precious honey

We were given samples to try, but we had already decided to buy the nougat.  It will never be eaten.  It is far too precious.  It will be displayed in a place of honour and admired, but not eaten.


I have discovered an English translation on the packaging:  This is a handmade sweet entirely placed and packaged by hand.  It contains over 55% of Italian almonds; over 30% of Italian one-flower honey, handcrafted so as not to alter the nutritional power; berry vanilla added to high-whipped egg white.  The aim of this limited edition is to offer you even more exclusive and precious product; our mandorlato is cooked only when the moon is waxing, in order to favour the whipping of the albumens; the hardness of the cooking water is eliminated through a filtering sustem; the wholewheat cane sugar enhances the taste and the scent of the rare honey used in the dough.

I clearly will have to wait for a waxing moon to make my next pavlova!


  1. yuuuummm.

  2. I hadn’t thought of treating nougat as precious like a rare wine, never to be eaten. The nougat in your photos looks beautifully wrapped. I particularly like nougat mixed with almonds, pitaschios and cranberries.

  3. Oh you must eat it…you can keep the packaging and now you have it on your blog it will remain in your memory. Please eat it. Save some for me.

    • I’ll save it until I see you – we will eat it together.

  4. This reminds me of a 3 week trip we took to Tasmania several years ago. We had our own car and disembarked at Devonport and headed south. We came across the Danvers chocolate factory so we called in. They make these wonderful chocolate truffles and had free tasting, so we did.

    Having gone as far south as we could we looped around and headed north along the east coast, then west along the north coast. This took us close to the Danvers factory so we detoured and were greeted like old friends and had another taste. We then drove as far west as we could, then south down the west coast. From there we had to retrace our steps as there are no other roads out.

    We got back to Devonport a day before our booked trip on the ferry back to Melbourne so we had plenty of time for one last visit to Danvers. Again we were warmly greeted and when we left I explained it was our last visit as we were leaving tomorrow. I did feel a little guilty when she replied, “I’m going to miss you”. I should add that we did buy things each visit. Their chocolates are sold at Myres

  5. I love the fact that this particular honey even exists. Enjoy every crumb of it.

    • Isn’t it incredible? We had trouble keeping a straight face when the details of the honey were so seriously related. It makes me want to go there and see the flowers.

  6. That sounds heavenly! I have found that I either love or hate nougat 😛

  7. I love Nougat !


  8. Maybe they don’t realise that there are bees that collect nectar in different parts of the world……I loved the comment about the Virgins……..I had a good chuckle at that……..nougat doesn’t last too long so I would eat it if I were you……..I bet it is yummier than a nougat Snickers Bar!

  9. lol lol, I like when you said it is too precious to be eaten 🙂
    I understand but if I was you I will eat while it is gresh :0

    • It looks very inviting – I don’t know how long it will last.

  10. As always, the packaging is impeccable. Love Nougat. Enjoying your trip!

    On the subject of honey, did you gals know that the last remaining strain of pure Ligurian bees survives only in…wait…No… actually yes, South Australia. On Kangaroo Island! This may interest you:

    • I did know that. It is fascinating that the pure strain exists here in Australia. I hope they are being well looked after.

  11. That’s pretty interesting about the honey collected (by virgins at full moon or not) by the sea with a slightly salty flavour… interesting.
    Not a huge fan of the old nougat.., but think the story would make me want to try it out all the same 😉

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