Posted by: debrakolkka | October 3, 2010

Il giardino di Simone

Simone - on the right - with his mate Salvatore

Simone is one of our favourite people in Ponte a Serraglio.  He is the first to offer a friendly smile and a helping hand if you need it.

As well as a full time job that involves shift work, he works constantly in his garden, growing vegetables and fruit and chopping wood for the winter fires he shares with his Mum and sister.

the entrance to Simone's garden

This was also the entrance to the road/track up to Lugliano in years past.

He invited  me to visit his garden to see what is growing.  I took on the role of mountain goat and headed up the side of a very steep hill.  Simone is as brown as a berry from working in the sun all summer.  He is also quite strong, which came in handy as I needed to be hauled up to the highest part of the garden.

a very ripe fig


the last of the summer strawberries

a salad plant that grows wild in the rock walls

a marrow of some kind

Simone’s brother arrived at this point and announced, in English, that the vegetable was “beautiful”.  I would have to agree.

the view from high in the garden

wood for winter

Simone is also a bit of a collector and his house is full of things he has gathered in his wanderings around the village.

part of his collection


  1. It recalls me lot of “Italian” memories!!!

  2. Deb, I totally agree with you, Simone was one of my first friends to meet in Ponte a Serraglio and definitley one of my favourites !!!! Back to work today after 2 months in Italy is a little hard to take 🙁 but will start saving for my next trip.

  3. Why isn’t he married, he is handsome

    • Both Simone and Salvatore are available – any suggestions?

  4. He is such a sweet person – always there to lend a hand and he has worked hard and has had his just rewards. Go Simone!!! Looking forward to seeing him next week.

  5. Are they looking for rich wives?

    • I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a rich one.

  6. That fig looks luscious!
    Can’t imagine you being a ‘mountain goat’, Deb, but it’s nice to be hauled up the steep slope by a nice strong young man.
    Simone’s collection looks interesting. I wonder where he found the skull?

  7. What’s “nespole”? You are lucky to have such interesting friends.

    • In Australia we call them loquats. When ripe they look a little like a small apricot.

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