Posted by: debrakolkka | October 2, 2010

Il Ponte a Serraglio

part of the old bridge

This is all that is left of the old bridge at Ponte a Serraglio.  The original bridge was bombed in World War II.  I met 3 oldish Italian gentlemen who now live in America at Bar Italia on one of my trips to Bagni di Lucca.  They told me that when they were small boys they sat on the hill above the village and watched the bridge being bombed.  As boys they no doubt thought this was exciting.  They also watched as the Americans put up a temporary bridge to allow the tanks to roll on through on their way to fight.

Seeing the village now it is hard to believe that it was in the thick of things all those years ago.


  1. So much history over there..

  2. My dad was in Italy during the war and I often wonder where he was.

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