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Bagni di Lucca – September

Bagni di Lucca in late summer is lovely.  The mornings and evenings are delightfully cool and the days warm and sunny.  We have had the odd rainy day, but the gorgeous mists swirling around the mountains make these days beautiful as well.

My flowers have survived the summer and are still putting on a good show. Thank you all my visitors who have taken such good care of them this season.  Our balcony has such a prominent place in the village I like it to look good. 

my geraniums

the window boxes

looking the other way

There is a new addition to the village in the form of a small green boat.  I haven’t found out yet what it is used for, but it makes a very pretty picture sitting on the bank.

the new green boat

the Lima river

late afternoon on the river

Ponte a Serraglio

from my balcony

It’s good to be back.  I have had pizza at Marco’s, coffee, sfoglia and gelato at Paolo’s, tagliata at L’Osteria Piazzetta and I have my Italian licence.  All is well with the world.


  1. Send me your lucca home phone number via email and I will give you a call – assuming you have a landline there…

  2. Beautiful pictures next time you eat at Marco’s tell him I said hello. Have you seen my aunt Guistina ? Congratulation on your drivers liscense !! I bet it is a chalenge to drive in Italy

    • I have seen your aunt and I have told her about you. She said to say hello. I am going to take a photos of her soon and put it on the blog so you can see her. I will say hello to Marco for you tonight.
      Driving in Italy is cartainly a challenge!

      • Thank you so much. Hopefully he will remember me. Have fun and enjoy

  3. Oh so beautiful Deb. Just amazing!

  4. That’s the best display of flowers I’ve seen on your balcony. I love the reflections of houses on the Lima River. Wonderful pictures!

  5. Looks brilliant! When can I visit?

    • We would love to have you. There is space next year. Let me know if you want to come.

      • Sounds great! We haven’t been to Holland.

  6. Love these new photos. Miss you already Deb.

  7. Gorgeous photos – love the reflections and your new green boat.
    Congratulations on your licence!!

  8. Oh, and I love your geraniums too.

  9. Stunning photos-thank you for enticing the rest of us.

  10. Hi Deb,

    What did I tell you? I knew you would get it! Well done! Now all you need to do is wave your fists in the air a lot, swear at them when you have too and don’t crash into any of the Callabineiri (spelling?) whilst they are waving those gorgeous paddles!

    I am in love with the green boat!

    The geraniums look stunning, they look as if they have been fed with the dunger thingamygigs that the Germans love!

    What is the word for speed camera in Italy?? In Port Douglas, I heard the cb radio of the bus driver and they referred to it in code. …..flash for cash!

    Ciao, Moira

  11. Or maybe an apartment swap with Amsterdam? We’re not sure when we’ll be back there, but probably spring 2011. Will keep in touch. Richard

  12. Brilliant photos, the place has a wonderful feeling about it, no wonder you love it so much.

  13. Love love love your geraniums! Last time I was in italy it was May and the flower pots so inspired me I came home and planted at least 100 geranium plants n lots of containers-so beautiful!

  14. […] here to see my geraniums from last […]

  15. Thirty years back I returned to Berkeley, California with small geranium cuttings collected throughout Italy, each one about three inches long, from those I now have a jungle of plants, each time I look at them I’m back “a casa” again. The photos are scrumptious, thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for reading. I love my tiny balcony when it is covered with flowers.

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