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Hot Hong Kong

It was stifling in Hong Kong on my 2 day visit on the way to Italy.  I love Hong Kong, but hot and humid and I don’t get on.  Not to worry, the main reason for the visit was to see my lovely friends Anup and Poorna.

The usual fabulous view from their apartment was obscured by bamboo scaffolding and cloth which covered the whole building, quite amazing really.

the new view from the apartment

the covered building

The intense heat meant that I moved very quickly from one airconditioned space to another.  The covered walkways in Hong Kong are incredibly useful.  They should be compulsory in all cities.  The above ground walkways make it easy to get from one place to another without having to cross streets or get wet if it is raining.  They also provide cover from the sun.

the covered walkways

Hong Kong Park was lined with coloured lanterns for a festival.  I love this green oasis in the city.

the lanterns in Hong Kong Park

night time in the park

As usual Anup and Poorna had lots of suggestions for great places to eat.  We went back to Lan Quai Fong for delicious Portugese food and wonderful Japanese at Kyoto Joe.  It would be possible to dine all over the world and never leave this area.

busy Lan Kwai Fong

the mirrored dining room in Kyoto Joe

A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without at least one meal at the little tea room in Hong Kong Park.

the lovely tea room in Hong Kong Park

There are some incredible building in Hong Kong.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Citibank building at night

in the day time with some interesting neighbours

from an above ground garden

a different angle

looking across the harbour th the new ICC building

The shops are full of winter clothes. It would be impossible to even think about this just now.  I’ll go back when it cools down.


  1. Definitely time for another visit to HK.. A fascinating city…..

  2. Love that second last photo

  3. Yes, I agree. Definitely time for another visit to Hong Kong.

  4. Yeah, I would love to visit that area!!!

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