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Valentino is coming

Valentino comes to GoMA

Valentino is coming to Brisbane.  Not Signore Valentino Garavani, the man, but a collection of his exquisite gowns.  The signs are up at GoMA and when I walked past the gallery yesterday I saw rows of silver mannequins lined up waiting to be dressed.  The preview is next Thursday and I am going!  I can’t wait.  It will be fabulous.  The Gallery did a great job with the recent Stephen Jones Hat Exhibition, so I know Valentino will be spectacular.

waiting to be dressed

I saw the Valentino Retrospective in Rome at the Ara Pacis in 2007. (This is not the same as the collection we will see in Brisbane)  Scenes from the Ara Pacis retrospective were seen in the movie, Valentino, the Last Emperor.  If you have any interest in fashion, or even if you don’t, this movie is a must.  It will no doubt be playing at the gallery in conjuntion with the exhibition.

Here are some photos from Rome 2007.  I’m sure the Brisbane exhibition is going to be just as wonderful.  Go to GoMA!  It opens 7th August and runs until 14th November 2010, so you can make several visits.  The Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival also starts 7th August in nearby Southbank, so we have lots of fashion to look forward to.

Valentino's red dresses at the Ara Pacis

the beautiful white collection

coloured gowns

stunning black and white

dramatic black

exquisite detail

Cate Blanchet's dress

the white one in the middle was a favourite of mine

a wedding dress

These gowns need to be seen up close.  Photographs don’t do them justice.  They are exquisite works of art.  Go to GoMa  and go often.

ready to go

Valentino - August 7 - November 14 - 2010   Go to the Gallery site for more information.


  1. Great blog! I particularly like the undressed models!! Beautiful gowns.
    See you there next Thursday—

  2. Oooh! I’m so jealous! Brisbane gets the cream with those fashion exhibitons. Hope Valentino will come to Adelaide? Lucky you!

  3. god they are beautiful…. wish i could have seen the hat exhibit…. could you tell me when it will finish as i will be in brisbane mid sept.

    • The exhibition is on until 14th November, so you will be able to see it in September.

  4. Very different installation to the one I saw at Paris’s Musee of Decorative Arts. The rooms were darker and somehow this one highlights the clothes differently but at least in Paris you could get up very close, will be interested in your impressions of Brisbane design installation. Roz

  5. thank you for reminding me this Debra as I noticed at the Stephen Jones Hat Exhibition (which was spectacular) they were publising this exhibition coming to BNE and I thought at the time I will just get to see it in time before I leave for Italy….. I will definitey be there, I love fashion and clothes hence why I can’t pack lightly when travelling 🙂

  6. I can’t wait for the Exclusive Preview. I’m also going. I know Valentino at GoMA will be spectacular. Patricia

  7. Your photos are amazing! I’m jealous! What resources did you use to plan your trip to Italy and where could you find info on things off the beaten path?

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