Posted by: debrakolkka | June 19, 2010

Thomas Henderson’s drinking fountain

On the corner of Errol Street and Queensbury St in North Melbourne is the quaintest drinking fountain.

Thomas Henderson's drinking fountain

 In 1877 Thomas Henderson presented his drinking fountain to the people of Hotham, as the suburb of North Melbourne was then called.  The cast iron fountain was designed by Walter Mc Farlane.  It has been moved a couple of times and now resides safely on the footpath outide the Town Hall.  In the mid 1960s the drinking spout was replaced with a modern one, but fortunately in 2001 a replica of the original replaced the replacement.

detail inside the fountain

the man himself

the cute kangaroo

lizard detail at the base

If you are in the area, stop by to have a look and perhaps a drink of water.


  1. What an elaborately gorgeous drinking fountain! 🙂

  2. I write a blog about cast iron drinking fountains. Can I use your images? I would of course credit you

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