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Walking around Brisbane

the poinsettia is the floral emblem of Brisbane

Winter in Brisbane is just about perfect.  Mornings and evenings can be cool, but the days are usually warm and sunny – perfect for walking around the city.  We live quite close to the city, so it is an easy walk.

Brisbane City Hall

from the side with palm tree

City Hall with palm tree - this is a grate around a tree in the street

City Hall was the tallest building in Brisbane for quite a long time.  It seems hard to imagine now, but I can remember coming to the city as a child and being quite impressed by its size.  The building is closed for renovation for a few years.  Hopefully it will be back soon better than ever.

Adelaide St with its lovely leopard trees

old and new in the city

The Botanical Gardens is a wonderful green space close to the centre of town.  It was good to see it full of people taking advantage of a beautiful day, to take a walk, excercise or just sitting down to have lunch.

circle of palm trees in the gardens

winter colour

a lovely old fig tree in the gardens

The Brisbane river winds around the city in a loop.   The river is now busy with City Cats and ferrries transporting people all over town.  It is a fun way to get around Brisbane.  Mangrove trees still grow along the river in places.  A walkway has been built to enable people to wander through the mangroves in front of the gardens.  I think it is great to see this area thriving so close to the city.

Looking across moored boats to the Kangaroo Point cliffs

a city cat

city mangroves

ther mangrove walkway

I walked across the Goodwill bridge to the Maritime Museum and Southbank.  Expo 88 was held on this site and when it was finished the area was turned into a huge park.  It has continued to evolve since 1988 and is now full of restaurants, cafes, shops, apartments, weekend markets and a man made beach.  It attracts locals and tourists alike.

the old lighthouse at the Maritime Museum

the Diamentina in the old dry dock

the impossibly cute Carpentaria

Southbank gardens

the bouganvillia arbour

part of a mini rainforest at Southbank

part of the childrens' water play area

the beach with city views

 There are dozens of places to eat at Southbank. I decided to try one I hadn’t seen before – The Sardine Tin.  Obviously, it is tiny, but very appealing.  I had the charcuterie plate , which was very good.

The Sardine Tin

in the tiny restaurant

the open kitchen

table and chair - made from sardine tins?

shop 3A Arbour on Grey, Southbank

It is fun walking around your own city with the eyes of a tourist.

Looking across to the city from Southbank


  1. love sardine tin !

  2. Deb, you have shown me Brisbane with new eyes. I often wonder what tourists will think when they see Brisbane.

  3. It’s wonderful to see pictures of my home town! Your photos of the city and its gardens brought back many lovely memories for me. My grandmother lived in Kangaroo Point. When my sister and I were small, she used to walk us to the ferry, to chug across to the Botanic Gardens. We spent a lovely afternoon admiring the tropical plants and old trees. There was a small zoo in the gardens at one stage. We were fascinated by the monkeys. Occasionally, festivals will fill the Botanic Gardens with some fun and colour. Now, that has been transferred to the Southbank.

    Deb, can you please take some pictures of Manly in November, when the jacarandas and the poincianas are in bloom?

  4. Beautiful pictures Debra – I have not been to Brisbane for 10years. I am sure I would see a big difference.
    Pam Proctor

  5. Brisbane has certainly changed over the years – like all cities. It is a great place to live, except, perhaps in high summer, when it is just too hot for me. That’s when I head off to Italy.

  6. Palm trees were put there right? they don’t grow naturally in Brisbane?
    Brisbane is so beautiful Debra, I had no idea!
    Every time I read your blog I go on Google map to see the cities lolol…I am learning so much from your posts!

  7. Hi Mirella,
    Brisbane is subtropical and while I am not sure that palm trees are native to Australia, there are certainly plenty of them here.

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