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Walking around Melbourne

I love wandering around Melbourne, and a cool winter day is an excellent time to do so ( even with occasional showers).  I set off from North Melbourne, first stop the Queen Victoria Markets.  The selection of food here is amazing.  You can buy anything.  The fruit and vegetable section is huge and the deli and meat and seafood sections are vast.   The markets cover 2 blocks.  I wish I lived nearby.

fresh produce at the markets

the markets are enormous

salami anyone?

From the markets I headed towards Gertrude St, passing through the Carlton gardens on the way.   Melbourne has beautiful parks and this one is no exception.  In a way the gardens are similar to those in Europe.  There are grand old trees and lovely fountains.  The flowers in the garden beds remind you that you are in the southern hemisphere.

Carlton Gardens

the Exhibition Building in the gardens

strelizia flower

Gertrude St has a great selection of interesting shops, restaurants and cafes.  There are also some wonderful old buildings – it is a good mix of old and new.

an interesting old building in Gertrude St

Aesop is an excellent range of skin care made in Australia and available all over the world – I’ve seen it everywhere.  I love their shop display in Gertrude St.  The entire shop floor is covered in leaves.  You have to rustle your way through them to enter the shop – what fun!

Aesop window

inside the shop

I then headed towards the city to visit some of my favourite places there.  I love the tiny laneways filled with shops and cafes.  It would be easy to spend hours wandering around the dozens of alleys and arcades in the city centre.

Melbourne city skyline

Perhaps he has been standing on a street corner for too long

a great roof top

The Forum theatre with Federation Square in the background

Flinders Street Station

The man it was named after - Captain Matthew Flinders, who circumnavigated Australia in a small boat


  1. My daughter lives 3 tram stops from the QV markets and does so much shopping there. I love it too.

  2. Oh my God Melbourne is so beautiful!
    Might sound ignorant from my part, but I didn’t know there was so much old building, I thought it was kind of a modern city…
    I looooooove the market pictures!!! and I love big markets, like in Paris. Here is DC they are so small!!
    Thanks Debra

  3. Hi Mirella,
    Melbourne is a modern city, but it has some beautiful old buildings. You should visit Australia.

  4. the Queen victoria Markets are so amazing yes I totally agree! So many things that you just don’t get anywhere else and all in the one place.

  5. Hi Lorraine,
    I love food markets. My most favourite of all are the 2 market streets in Bologna. I took photos of food there and put them on my blog. I could have put up hundreds but other people may find them boring.

  6. Definetly should visit Australia, I am going to convince my husband to take a post there, after Africa 🙂

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