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Varenna – on Lake Como

This was my favourite of the towns we visited on Lake Como.  It has a spectacular view of the 3 branches of the lake.  Behind it soars the rocky Mount San Defendente.  Valuable black and white marble was once quarried here.

one of the steep arched streets in Varenna

the man who lived nearby

On the way up from the harbour to the main part of the town we met a lovely old man who told us he had lived here all his life and proudly pointed out his house to us.  He must have a wonderful view from his terrace.

the main piazza

It is an ancient town with steep, narrow streets  with archways which fan out from the central piazza and the Roman Forum.

I found Hotel Cipressi – the most heavenly hotel in a beautiful setting – where I have to stay on my next visit to the lake.  Nearby is the Villa Monastero which is used for international congresses.  Its gardens are open to the public and are defintely worth a visit. 

part of the garden at Villa Cipressi


looking out towards Villa Cipressi


the orange garden


garden at Villa Cipressi


We had lunch at  restaurant  Nilus beside a tiny harbour and enjoyed a very good pizza.  This is a place I definitely want to come back to.


the harbour where we had lunch



not a bad pizza


one of the old boats that used to ply the lake




beautiful Varenna


this photo of the piazza was taken just 3 weeks after the one above

On our second trip spring was well and truly under way.

Villa Monastero late April

 Wisteria was in bloom and the lake looked magnificent.

Villa Monastero



perhaps he has eaten too much


Villa Monastero



blossoms in a palm tree




Villa Monastero –

Hotel Villa Cipressi –


  1. Your photos are amazing! Expose some of them in the gallery!!!!

  2. Beautiful Deb Beautiful I think I will come to.


  3. Beautiful pictures Debra, thanks for sharing!!
    I loved the Pizza! Yummy!!!

  4. Miss you Deb, love the photos….sublime!

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