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Binalong Bay – Tasmania


Lichen covered rocks at Binalong Bay


White sands at Binalong Bay

 Friends of ours have recently purchased a house at Binalong Bay, at the south end of The Bay of Fires on the north east coast of Tasmania.  They invited us for a visit and as we haven’t been to Tasmania for many years, we jumped at the chance.  Added to this, Roz is a great cook and entertainer and they are both wonderful company so we knew we were in for a fun time.

John and Roz’s house is perfectly situated overlooking a rocky inlet surrounded by lovely Australian bush. The sea is brilliant blue and the sand snowy white.  The view from the house changes constantly according to the weather.  We saw the calm water dotted with bright orange canoes following the coastline change to wild seas breaking onto the rocks.

View from Roz & John's balcony

Binalong Bay is a perfect place for anyone who loves to fish, go boating, dive, swim or just wander along pristine beaches.  In fact, Roz has become a fisherman, a surprise for anyone who knows her.  She is on the water most days, fishing or checking her craypot and who could blame her when it is so enticing.  My only regret is that she didn’t find a cray during our visit.

There is lots to do in the area apart from seaside activities.  The hinterland is beautiful and not too far away are lots of vineyards and wineries to visit.  It is summer fruit season now and it is possible to buy stonefruit direct from the farms.

Hinterland behind Binalong Bay


giant tree ferns in the hinterland behind Binnalong Bay

 Roz and John are planning to spend several months a year at their new home and it will be available for rent when they are not there.    If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in a beautiful, unhurried setting you could do no better.

Roz has her own blog   You will find more information about the area and Roz’s tips on travel with a special interest in food.

walking track near the house



Binalong Bay accross the creek


  1. Caught a small but legal lobster this am so back on track. My Tas food blog is for anyone wanting to see how bountiful the food and fish are here. Deb, let me know if I can help about getting a photo of you/Liz or Lucca on the blog.Roz

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