Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 7, 2016

Vintage delights

I have been in Bologna staying with a friend and neighbour from Brisbane. She has a great apartment right in the historical heart of Bologna, one of my favourite cities in Italy. I feel very lucky to be able to stay in such a wonderful place with a friend. I get know a city through the eyes of a local.

We have a similar interest in vintage clothing, accessories and jewellery so we boarded the train for nearby Parma to visit the enormous MercantienĀ Fiera. We only had a day so we had to miss most of the pavilions full to the brim with gorgeous antiques. Pavillon 6 had the vintage things we were looking for.

Vintage fair Parma

Vintage fair Parma

Here is a sample of the clothing and accessories on offer.

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

I love old buttons and Bakelite and other jewellery.

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

…some faces on show.

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

vintage Parma

There were lots of gorgeous paintings.

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

…and lots of other wonderful things.

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

Vintage Parma

I do wish I had taken a truck…and lots of money.

One day is not nearly enough. Next year perhaps I will return for longer.


  1. What slovenly way to lose yourself for a few hours!

  2. That should read a lovely way!

    • I think I prefer slovenly…hilarious!

      • Chuckle.

  3. Some beautiful vintage clothes and beads..:

    • The fair is huge, no wonder it goes for several days.

  4. Liked the radio sets

  5. What an ABSOLUTELY fantastic post! So rich, so rich, with all your
    wonderful photos. Thank YOU!

    • There was much to see.

  6. Have you been to Ferrara near Bologna? We are thinking of staying there for month of September 2017. We spent a month in Lucca this year which we loved and thought Ferrara might make an equally good base to explore areas around there?

    • I have been to Ferrara. I prefer Padova, I think it is much more interesting. There are a couple of posts on Padova, go the “Search” box and type Padova.

  7. Deb I wish I had been there with you. The green dress is adorable and the blue and yellow shirt perfectly styled with the clutch
    Great post.

    • You would have enjoyed it I think.

  8. What did you acquire? Would have been difficult to choose !!! Is it always in October?i

    • I guess it is at the same time each year. I bought some vintage French buttons for my next Pop Up, a Bakelite bracelet from our FdM fellow and a Prada bag…tough decisions.

  9. What a fabulous way to spend a day! So many gorgeous things. Looks like a week and a truck would have been a good idea.

    • …and a lot of money.

  10. Ohhhhhh…..I’d be drooling with delight in such an antique fair! Love the girl with the bright blue eyes, wavy red hair and tiny pink bow. Love the pottery pieces. Love the ……… the list goes on! Thank you for sharing your lovely experiences with us. At least I can dream on.

    • There were many thing I wanted to take home with me.

  11. That makes me think of the Owl and the Pussycat – “they took some money and” …a truck, that would be handy. What a fascinating place – and that’s just one pavilion, my goodness. I love the black, embroidered vest/waistcoat. I imagine one could become addicted to that place.

    • It is very difficult to walk away from some things.

  12. What a georgous collection! We certainly don’t get markets like this in WA.

  13. And you only had a day – Horrors! c

    • I doubt that a week would be enough.

  14. Wouldn’t mind that handbag

  15. I can see why you needed a truck .. what fun šŸ’ƒ

    • I am going back next year and I will be prepared.

  16. I am panting. I want to go too- love old fabric, clothes, bric a brac. What did you buy Deb? I would have bought those fab retro chairs, black with orange circles, a green radio, that little rooster vase, the Chinese man base with lamp,and an old Pinocchio.

    • I had no way of getting larger items home. I bought old French buttons, a Bakelite bracelet, some embroidered curtains and a Prada bag. I would have loved those chairs, the old wheelbarrow, the rooster vase, the green jug/vase, the bookends, the blue bowl, the half circle painted boards…and lots more.

  17. So many gorgeous items that you just want to buy!! šŸ˜€

  18. Holy cats what fun! I’m so jealous. But I’m glad you got to go!

  19. Hi Debbie… so good to read your blog I live in Cleveland now and would love to see you when you are next in Oz. I will be 70 next year!! Perhaps that will be an appropriate time to visit you in Italy ? I hope you reply, would love to correspond with you, lord knows I have plenty of time…. my mother died last year aged 90!! Big heaps, Jan xx

    • Hi Jan, I will be back in early November, see you then.

  20. I loved so much dear Debra, Thank you for sharing with us, you took me there too. Love, nia

  21. Too much fabulousness for one post! This is place is going on my wishlist!

  22. […] Lucca, fabulous Florence, marvellous Modena, Castiglione Garfagnana with Victoria, Bologna and Parma with Cathy for the antique fare (I’m going back with a truck next year) Main Beach, and lots […]

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