Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 10, 2023

Sunny Helsinki

Helsinki is looking especially good this summer. New gardens and seating are appearing along Esplanadi and other spots dotted around the city. Not all were finished when we were there, but we loved the ones we saw.

The large area near the theatre was empty when I walked past in the afternoon, but it gets busy in the evening. Skateboarders were having fun on the empty site.

The seating and outdoor cafe in front of Marimekko was my favourite. I wish we had a chance to try it. I hope it will still be there in September when we return.

Esplanadi park is looking great too.

Lots of people were enjoying the sunshine.

There are brightly coloured combined seats and plants all over town.

The trees are green, the sky is blue and there are amazing doorways everywhere in this beautiful city.


We took a train 3 stops out of the city to see the rhododendron garden in Haaga.

Helsinki is a beautiful city, but it really shines in spring and summer.

We are now back in Australia for a couple of months…it is nice to be home.


  1. Love rhododendrons / I grew some tropical ones many years ago

    • It was a gorgeous garden.

  2. Helsinki certainly looks wonderful with all the spring flowers & colour. What a difference it makes to a city.

    • It is a beautiful city anyway, but this year it it wonderful.

  3. So green with beautiful flowers.

    • They do a great job with city gardens.

  4. Beautiful.

    • Helsinki is stunning. I love it.

  5. Looking lovely on a sunny day!

    • It is bright and cheerful.

  6. Oh my gosh, this could be a photo report of my week! Just saw the esplanade benches, the Marimekko pink terrace, and today visited the Alppiruusupuisto with its flowers!

    • I have never seen Helsinki look so beautiful. I love what is happening in the streets right now. I visit Helsinki 4 times a year on my way to and from our Italian house. I will be back in September.

      • Yes, I live close to downtown but rarely visit it because work and shopping have moved online. Now I noticed it had changed a lot!!! In a good way ☺️

      • I don’t do either on line. I much prefer to go into a physical shop, especially in Helsinki.

  7. Look at all of those beautiful flowers! Helsinki is looking gorgeous. I like the use of colour too especially that pink 🙂

    • I love Helsinki, but this year even more.

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