Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 7, 2023

A last look at lovely Lucca…for now

I go to Lucca regularly when I am in Italy. I feel very lucky to live close to this gorgeous town. My visits always include a walk on the wall surrounding Lucca. This time I walked through a different entrance in the wall.

It is wonderful to see the trees on the wall turn  green each spring.

From the top of the wall you can look into lovely houses close by.

San Colombano is a great spot on the wall to have lunch…or coffee, aperitivo or dinner.

Walking through Lucca is always delightful, especially in spring when flowers appear everywhere.

One of my favourite shops in Lucca is in the delightful, Chiasso Barletti, a tiny street in the centre. Etta’s Bookshop is in this street too. They sell books written in English…very useful.

There are surprises at every turn in Lucca. The Guinigi tower appears between buildings here and there.


My new favourite cafe is Caffe Santa Zita in Piazza San Frediano.  We went there a little while ago and loved it.

It is now my cafe of choice and we were disappointed to find all the seats outside taken. A kind gentleman told us there were more tables at the back.

We walked inside and found these beautiful rooms leading to the garden seats at the back.

Caffe Santa Zita is now definitely my place to go in any season. I can’t wait to return on a cold day (this year in autumn) and sit in one of the cosy rooms inside.

I think is is easy to see why I love Lucca.


  1. Absolutely a beautiful place one of my favorite … Looking forward to being there again in August <3

    • I have been visiting Lucca regularly for 20 years and I love it more and more. I never tire of walking along the wall and wandering through the lovely streets.

  2. We are here now and really enjoying walking around exploring everywhere- can’t believe how big it seems compared to the map. We are definitely trying the beautiful cafe santa zita tomorrow.

    • Everything about Lucca looks wonderful. Am sure you are going to miss the beautiful trees, the superb street planting and not to forget the delightful Caffe Santa Zita. Wonderful photos.

      • I will miss Lucca, but I will be back in autumn for much more.

    • Lucca is small enough to navigate easily and big enough to find something interesting to see each time you visit. Enjoy Caffe Santa Zita and go into San Frediano to see the real thing.

  3. Wonderful! I love Lucca, and those ramparts

    • The wall is a wonderful place to walk. In every season it is lovely and offers great views over the town.

      • And a great place to wander with a camera!

  4. I think Italy loving minds must think alike – check out the title of my blog post from 2017 😊

    • Lucca is one of the loveliest towns in Italy…there are many. I am lucky to be able to visit it often.

  5. Lucca is worth many visits. You always discover something you did not see before!

    • I find something new every time!

  6. Lovely images, Debra. I’ve not been back since I met you there 10 years ago. I’ve promised to take my husband there when we get to Italy next year.

  7. Yes, very lovely images Debra. Really brings back memories. Lucca is the closest city to my ancestral towns also (Colognora and Boveglio) and I’ve often gone there. Such a lovely walk along the wall and those cafes…..oh! Thanks for this farewell, for now, look!

  8. Ahhhh- so beautiful. I hope to see it one day soon.

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