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Marvellous Montefalco

Earlier this year we visited Montefalco. It was in early spring before the busy season began. It is  a tiny hilltop town in Umbria. The town has been settled since pre-Roman times. Now the area is known for its wine, Montefalco DOC. The red wine comes from the highly localised Sagrantino grape. The Montefalco district is part of the food and wine itinerary of the Sagrantino Wine Route.

We parked at the bottom of the town and admired the view over the beautiful hillsides covered with vines and olive trees.

It is a short walk up from the car park to the centre of the town.

The main square, Piazza del Comune, is lined with the Palazzo Comunale from 1270, Palazzo Pambuffetti and Palazzo Senili, 14th century, Palazzo Santi-Gentili, 15th century and Palazzo Langeli and Palazzo de Cuppis from the 16th century.

The town is full of marvellous old stone buildings and remnants of fortification walls. It is worth a walk away from the main square to discover the delights of the town.

There are a lot of restaurants and shops in the town, surprising for such a small town. I was particularly impressed with a very large linen shop, even more so when I was told everything was from their linen factory nearby.

Obviously there are many wine shops and enoteca dedicated to the produce of the area, and this one, specialising in things to make you beautiful.


This wine barrel has been put to good use.

Montefalco was almost completely empty when we were there, but I could see lots of activity. Everyone was getting ready for the beginning of the season which lasts from Easter until well into October. The town is clearly prosperous and very well presented.

We were only in the town for a few hours, but it delighted me enough to want to return for a longer stay…the list of these places to return to keeps growing.

Here is my favourite photo from Montefalco. I poked my head around a corner to find this lovely narrow street.

For such a small town Montefalco packs a punch. We plan to return next year just a little later in spring to see it come to life.


  1. We stayed in Montefalco a few years ago in Palazzo Bontadisi in his master bedroom for 3 nights. The town is amazing. Sagrentino is delicious especially with pizza. All of our meals there were delicious and the people were so friendly. Nice to see the linen store is still there. How about the store that makes quivers?

    • Not a lot was open in Montefalco. I didn’t see the quiver shop! We really want to go back when there is a bit more life. The whole area is fabulous.

  2. I love Montefalco!
    I also have stayed there in a lovely agriturismo and yes the sagrantino wine is delicious
    It’s a terrific town to wander around and the St Francis fresco is definitely worth seeing too

    • We will stay overnight next time and really explore the town and the area.

  3. Lovely, worth a visit next year! Thank you for sharing.

    • Montefalco is definitely on our list next spring.

  4. It is a beautiful town. Worth a visit. Thank you for sharing yours.

    • It is lovely. There are so many beautiful towns to visit in Italy, each one different.

  5. I didn’t get to Montefalco will have to go back !!
    Love all those little towns full of treasures 🍷

    • We have been in the area before, but this was our first visit to Montefalco.

  6. Thank you for sharing the photos of this lovely Montefalco. We now will be on the lookout for wine barrels. What a great idea.

    • Montefalco was charming. I sat for a while in the piazza and took in the lovely atmosphere.

  7. What a charming town! I would have loved to have bought some linens there. And what a clever way to use up a wine barrel!

    • Of course I bought things at the linen shop, despite my already huge collection.

  8. We loved tasting (and buying) wine at the Cantina Napolini and visiting the sheep farm and dairy of Cinzia Lattanzi.

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