Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 3, 2022

Beautiful Burleigh beach

I grew up on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I no longer live there but my love of the beach will never leave me. I am not thrilled by some of the development along the coast but the beach is as wonderful as ever.

This week I went to Burleigh Heads. It is winter in Australia and the day was a bit windy and sometimes overcast but the beach still looked great. If not for the wind I might have been tempted to venture into the surf.

The building in the photo below is on the site of the pool where we went for swimming lessons when I was at high school.

I have always loved the Norfolk pines along the beach front at Burleigh Heads.

Now there are pandanus trees as well.

Rocks on the beach are quite unusual on the Gold Coast, apart from some of the rock walls built from time to time to help with erosion.

65 years ago my father took the photos below of his growing family on the rocks at Burleigh Heads beach.

I was 4 years old, my brother 2 and my sister just a baby. Another brother joined us about 10 years later. I feel very lucky to have grown up on the Gold Coast in the late 50s, 60s and early 70s, probably the best time to be there.




  1. Loved your family photos. Whether it is just being nostalgic we have great memories of being on beautiful Burleigh Beach.

    • I don’t remember that visit, but I do remember lots of swims at Burleigh.

  2. Brilliant Deb, thanks for the trip down the Burleigh lane. You and Rob hardly changed at all! We used to come down from Redcliffe at Easter to stay in the old Rudd Park caravan park in the sixties…Fish an chips for dinner at least three times a week.

    • Nothing beats fish and chips by the beach. In fact that is what I had for lunch the other day at the surf club…delicious.

  3. Beautiful Burleigh Beach! Glad to see that it still looks as beautiful as I remember it. And I loved your family photos! Thank you for sharing!

    • Burleigh beach has always been a favourite. I should go there more often.

  4. Welcome Home! I am fortunate enough to live within walking distance to beautiful Burleigh beach…. I enjoy reading all of your posts and dream of ‘one day’ having a small place, like you, in both Italy and back here in Burleigh. Dreams are free 🌈 Enjoy your time back in Australia.

    • You are lucky to live close to that lovely beach. I grew up at Main Beach and went to Miami high school. I feel lucky to be able to live in 2 beautiful countries.

  5. Absolutely precious photos along with your recollections! Some of our San Diego, CA USA beaches resemble those but without the pines which is a spectacular juxtaposition. We have Torrey Pines but not the same. Still fortunate to have our beaches to enjoy.
    I was just this morning looking at same era pictures of my siblings with a very similar distribution of gender and age. I’m the oldest too.
    Our family is headed back, finally, to Ponte Serraglio in May 2023, Yeah!

    • I have seen California beaches and they are beautiful. I will be in Ponte a Serraglio in May next year. Perhaps we will see each other at Bar Italia.

  6. Great photos of one of my favorite beaches….you are such an ambassador for this beautiful beach. xxx

    • Burleigh is lovely. Italy has some pretty beaches, but I love surf and white sand.

  7. Great pics Deb… and your words too true, it’s unfortunate we have a mayor who favors developers and to oppose anything is a nightmare for we beachside residents! Hope you are enjoying your trip.

    • I am enjoying being home for a while. The Gold Coast mayor has a lot to answer for.

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