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A walk in an Oslo Park

Frogner Park is a magnificent green oasis in the city of Oslo. It is historically part of Frogner Manor and houses the Oslo Museum.

It is sometimes called Vigeland Park because of the Vigeland Installation, a permanent sculpture installation created by Gustav Vigeland between 1924 and 1943. Most of the statues are made of Iddfjord granite and were originally designed to stand in Eidvolls Plass in front of the Parliament of Norway. Frogner Park seems like a much better place to admire them in the lovely green setting.

The first statues we see are on a bridge leading  towards the Bronze Fountain and the Monolith.

Angry boy is one of the most popular statues. He is tiny compared to the adult figures and does appear to be quite angry. Anyone who has had children will recognise the fury.

The Bronze Fountain is adorned with 60 individual bronze reliefs and surrounded by an 1800 square metre black and white granite mosaic.


Monolith Platform has 36 figure groups on an elevation representing a ‘circle of life’. There were several school groups there and the children had a wonderful time climbing all over the statues. They are very smooth to the touch and I wouldn’t have minded climbing on them myself.

The Monolith is made from one piece of solid stone. Construction began in 1924. Gustav Vigeland modelled it in clay in his studio in Frogner. A model was cast in plaster.

In 1927 a block of granite was delivered to the park and a wooden shed built around it to protect it and the workers during construction. The plaster model was erected beside it for reference. The work took 3 masons 14 years to complete.

It is 14.12 metres high and is composed of human figures rising towards the sky.

From this high point there is a great view of the whole scene.

Frogner Park is a beautiful place to walk in. Oslo residents are very lucky to have this delightful place in their city. If I lived nearby I think I would be there every day.


  1. WOW!!!

    • It is a stunning park.

  2. I agree with you. This is a kind of place I also can visit every day to get fresh air or just to relax and do people-watching.

    • In this park you can watch real and granite people.

  3. The sculptures are intriguing and I especially like the fountain.

    • The fountain is very beautiful.

  4. I remember how beautiful Oslo was with its parks and bronze statues but you’ve found more than I remember. Lovely post Deb.

    • I was lucky to be taken here by an Oslo resident.

  5. So beautiful!

    • It is a beautiful park.

  6. Hehe angry boy is definitely the most realistic and most relatable!

    • He is excellent, no wonder he is popular.

  7. What a great place. Those sculptures are fascinating.

    • The people of Oslo are lucky to have such a beautiful place to enjoy.

  8. What incredible sculptures. Thank you for a fascinating walk in the park.

    • I loved my wander through this beautiful and interesting place.

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