Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 4, 2021

A big banana

It is no secret that I love Pietrasanta. It is just over an hour drive to this lovely town on the Versilia coast. There is a Marina, but I like the town itself, which is inland a little.

The central piazza is usually scattered with art pieces. It is a stunning piazza at any time and the art adds to the beauty and fun.

The current exhibition is by Emanuele Giannelli and is in place until the end of August.

A big blue banana is the centrepiece…don’t ask me why.


A walk around the piazza reveals other pieces.

Who is pulling Pinocchio’s strings?

Superheroes and their baby.

Snow White with a gun.

It is not every day you see the Pope on a skateboard.

Look who’s hiding.

A green man.

Tucked away in a space between the campanile and the church is this chap.

There are some excellent shops in Pietrasanta. Here are 2 favourites.

This shop is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures.


Next door is Memorie. Several delights from this shop have made their way to my home.

I have a couple of restaurants where I like to have lunch. Ristorante Quarantuno was the choice of the day. The food here never disappoints.

Anchovies beautifully presented.


Second course…chicken in a crunchy crust with vegetables and a Parmesan waffle..delicious.

A day out in Pietrasanta should be repeated on a regular basis.

The delivery I have been waiting for has finally happened, now I am waiting for the satellite dish to come. Once this is done I will be able to go a little further afield and stay overnight somewhere. I hear the beach calling me.

Emanuela Marchesini…Via Garibaldi 1

Memorie…Via Garibaldi 5

Phone…0584 792511

Ristorante Quarantuno…Via Stagio Stagi 41

Phone…0584 70328


  1. Loved your lunch choices & also both shops look interestin & probably easy to walk out with purchases. Italy always seems to have unusual & colourful exhibitions although I am glad not permanent even if it adds some fun in these times.

    • I think it is great that there are temporary exhibitions in Pietrasanta. Some are better than others, but they are always interesting.
      It has been great to watch Pietrasanta grow and thrive over the years I have been going there. Having a focus on art has really worked for the town.

  2. I love Pietrasanta also. Thanks for the pics. I wish I was there eating those anchovies too!

    • It is a great little town. I do find the siesta annoying. Unless I get there early in the morning I don’t have time to visit everything I want to before they close for 3 hours.

  3. Wow …. All gorgeous and thought provoking! A great contrast to lockdown Brisbane-style. Enjoy!

    • I hope we don’t have to go through another lockdown. Italy is doing well with vaccinations. 57% of eligible people have been vaccinated and the rollout is moving along quickly.

  4. Your love of Pietrasanta certainly rubbed-off onto us and we enjoyed visiting there as well. Always interesting and creative pieces on display in the piazza and so many lovely restaurants to try.

    • I love my visits to Pietrasanta. I’m pleased it is fairly close to home.

  5. As Rick Stein says, Fab!! I’m sitting in our kitchen, drinking coffee and looking out to the garden and the white replica of our late chook, Mrs Pumblechook, and imagining her painted cobalt blue 😀

    • A blue chook would add interest to your garden.

  6. A great day trip from Bagni

    • It has been interesting to see Pietrasanta in summer. I usually go home before the season starts. It is lovely in winter, but really comes alive in the summer with temporary shops appearing.

  7. we are on same page. i like it very much thank you for your nice captures

    • It is always a pleasure to visit Pietrasanta.

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. Why the heck am I sitting here in Texas. I should be enjoying all that is to offer in Tuscany! Hurry up 13 September.

    • I don’t know why you went back!

  10. Another interesting and fascinating post Debra. You’ve had such an extended time in Italy with all of the experiences that have challenged you. Now past the one that kept you ‘out of circulation’ it’s joyful to see where you’re visiting now, in the summer. Your days are rich with such colour and beauty!! I am wondering tho’ how your new irrigation system is working at Casa Debbio and if the road was completed!! Wonderful that it’s hosting guests but you must miss your lush and exceptional garden. I love those posts of all the abundance and, even, those that wildlife chowed down on…disappointing for you, I’m sure, but there’s plenty of delicious sites despite it all. Thank you for posting these uplifting scenes of the Life you share with us.

    • The road has only just been finished. It was supposed to be surfaced, but it seems they ran out of money and it is gravel. A huge amount of money was wasted building unnecessary walls but the damaged part has been fixed and we will have to accept the result.
      The watering system is finished for this year, but we will do more next spring. We have a new storage tank and new taps around the property…a good start.
      I do miss my garden when I am not there but I am happy to share it. I will be back there in autumn to do some more planting. I have lots of baby peonies to move from pots to garden beds.
      I am happy to be in Italy and I am hoping my husband will be able fo come later this year. It is great being mobile again!

      • Thanks for answering my curiosities; things move slowly but as you say, they are getting done. Must make it easier to access your place AND maintain the sumptuous gardens. You have a good attitude about what Life presents.

      • We have to make the best of situations. This past 18 months has been tough for most people. I could have happily done without the broken ankle, the rest is OK.

  11. Delightful and love the photos!
    Grazie for sharing!

    • Pietrasanta always offers something interesting.

  12. Very whimsical display and funny, couldn’t fail to put a smile on your face. One day I will get there! The restaurant dishes are very artistic too!

    • I liked it a lot.I hope you can return to Italy soon.

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