Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 14, 2021

Magnolias and Lucca

Somehow Tuscany has remained an orange zone for the moment while much of Italy has moved to red with more restrictions. All of Italy will be red for three days over Easter. With some luck things might get better after that.

A few weeks ago I ordered something from a shop in Lucca. I had a call to tell me it was ready to be collected on Friday. I fully expected to be stopped on the way to Lucca to explain my reason for going there, but that didn’t happen.

Lucca was very quiet, with few people on the streets, so I went for a walk to the beautiful Corso Garibaldi where the street is lined with magnolia trees. This is the time they are usually in bloom and this year they are spectacular. The weather has been warm and sunny and the flowers haven’t been damaged by rain or frost. It was actually raining on Friday, but there were a few brief flashes of sun.


I have to repeat a description I found many years ago about Corso Garibaldi…If you will be there around the half of March you will fill the emotion of walking between the wings of magnolia trees, whose leafage full of flowers looks like the big rose-coloured fire works even though…unnaturally static.

This is the end of the street where there is a path up to the top of the wall. The trees are beginning to show the first signs of spring.

Who knows when I will get back to Lucca…I hope it is soon.




  1. My goodness Deb The idea of a whole avenue of such beauties is wonderful. Here’s to the visionary who developed the idea and planted and tended them as they grew! Brilliant! A small pleasure for you but an important one!

    • It is a beautiful street. I’m pleased I got to see it again this year.

  2. This was such a joyful post – I’m glad you got to run your errand; weren’t detained. The fickle magnolia tree, with its magnificent blooms, lasts such a short time. You captured it; with many angles. I imagined what it felt like, a sense of freedom for sure, to take your walk, inhale all that Spring-like beauty and feel energized. And hopeful. Thank YOU.

    • I love this street. It would be even better if it was pedestrian only, without cars parked there. It is a delight to walk there when the trees are in bloom, but also lovely when the leaves come.

  3. The magnolias in Lucca are such a delight. Something everyone should experience and enjoy.

    • I am very happy I got to see them once this year.

  4. Deb what brilliant photos of the Magnolia trees, we loved them all. What a wonderful sight it must have been for you to enjoy. So pleased you were able to get to Lucca & hope things go well for Italy & you in the coming weeks.

    • I hope we are in the final lockdown here in Italy. Surely once the vaccine is given to more people things will start to get better…I live in hope.

  5. Aren’t they beautiful, and so very many blossoms. I love the description “the wings of magnolia trees”.

    • I love that description. I found it more than 10 years ago and it still delights me.

  6. So beautiful! Magnolia time is magic!

    • It is a beautiful time to be here.

  7. Gorgeous photos. I love Lucca and magnolia in flower is always a joy to behold. We have two young magnolia trees here in Puglia, but no sign of blossoms yet this year. They’ve been planted since spring 2017 and last year we had our first flowers. So we’re waiting!

    • I have had a couple of magnolias here at Casa Debbio. Wild goats destroyed one and the other one snapped in a storm. I have a magnolia stellata now, but it has also been chewed by goats and is not looking good.

  8. What an enchanting scene – the flowers are just lovely!

    • It is gorgeous right now. I just bought a magnolia for my garden. I hope it grows quickly.

  9. I miss being in Lucca at this time of year, the magnolias are beautiful. Thank you for the lovely photos Debra.

    • Lucca is lovely in spring when the magnolia come. The trees on the wall will be green soon.

  10. A beautiful sight. Stay safe!

    • I don’t go to crowded places and am mostly alone at Casa Debbio. Let’s hope things get much better soon.

  11. Congratulations on the beautiful photos. I really appreciate Italy and its beautiful cities.

    • Lucca is a beautiful town, especially in spring.

  12. Just unbelievable Debra … A little magic for Italia 💝

    • I am delighted I was able to see the magnolias once this spring.

  13. It must be so hard going in and out of restrictions and it must get confusing too? I know I was confused with ours as they were constantly changing. The magnolias are stunning!

    • I really miss not being able to get out and about and being able to go out for lunch. If I did not have my garden it would be truly awful. I feel for people stuck in tiny apartments in the city.

  14. Some day I hope to be there in March and take a walk down Corso Garibaldi. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

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