Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 8, 2019

New things at Casa Debbio

We are leaving soon to go home to Australia, via London, Oxford, Bath and Helsinki.

We spent our last day at Casa Debbio yesterday. The garden is looking great. We have a few new additions this year.

A straw bed has found a home on a terrace above the house.



We have a dondola, swing chair, on the other side of the house.


I repainted my chair wall.

Here are the latest photos of our gorgeous garden.

The sambucco grew beautifully this year.

Angela the cake stand (and Angelina) made a few appearances and our lovely terracotta table under the pergola was put to good use.

The views are always great.

I climbed to the terraces above Casa Debbio.

My favourite peony bloomed the day before we left. This amazing plant produces more than 50 blooms.

We have left Casa Debbio in the capable hands of Filippo who takes great care of everything when we are away. He will welcome guests and introduce them to the house along with Anette who helps and speaks English, Italian and Danish.

I will be back in September to enjoy beautiful Tuscan mountain autumn at Casa Debbio.


  1. Debra, You have made Casa Debbio so beautiful. I’m sure you hate to leave. Glad you will be back in September.

    • I am used to coming and going, but I do hate to leave the garden.

  2. Stunning as always. We miss those views, and hope to return one day. Safe trip home.

    • I hope you come back. You will see a big difference.

  3. Those cake stands are so cute! And cakes really do look like hats! Safe travels back home 🙂

    • I love Angela. Angelina is coming to live in Australia.

  4. So charming Debra. You have really cerated an amazing home. Safe travels.

    • Thank you. We are happy with the progress at Casa Debbio.

  5. Looking perfect Deb – a credit to you

    • It has really come on this year.

  6. It’s so gorgeous. Not sure how you can bare to leave it. Louise

    • Knowing I will be back in a few months makes it easier.

      • Is this the first time you have rented it out?

      • No, we have been renting it for a while.

  7. Debra, this is truly the most amazing garden and house you have. Wishing to be there.

    • We love Casa Debbio. It is time to go just as everything is looking great.

  8. Oh it all looks so lovely I wonder that you can tear yourself away!
    Enjoy London and the Cotswolds, I spent schooldays in and around Bath.. the countryside is breathtaking. London will also be lovely at this time of year!
    Happy travels Deb… see you soon. Jxx

    • We are now on the bus to lovely Oxford under a cloudy English sky.

      • Oh…. have a super time xx

  9. How can you bear to leave such a beautiful house and garden?! It’s looking absolutely fabulous. Enjoy Brissie and hurry back!

    • It isn’t easy, especially when my lovely peonies are flowering.

  10. It looks more beautiful as it continues to evolve. What a great creation and well done to Filippo who continues to look after it in your absence.

    • It is lovely. It has been a joy to be there in this glorious weather.

  11. That is so breathtakingly beautiful. I come and go between Lucca and Australia as often as I can – still breaks my heart to leave Italy

    • I like being in both places which makes is easier to leave.

  12. Simply divine!

  13. I remember when your garden was just a rugged hillside – how glorious it all is now!! And the bed with the bales! and the cake stands! idyllic. Hard fought for I know and well deserved.. beautiful.. c

    • It has been hard work, but very rewarding.

  14. Truly beautiful Debi. The garden and the additions are fabulous! Safe journey home to Australia.

    • It is looking good this year.

  15. It is so beautiful out there and each year you make it even better.

    • Yes, it gets better each year.

  16. Wow! Casa Debbio is looking spectacular! The garden has grown so much since we visited!

  17. The gaden is looking beautiful Debbie. How can you bear to leave it. We have to make another visit.

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