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Alberobello is famous for the huge collection of trulli, the dry stone huts with conical roofs that are found in Puglia. The style of house is found only in the Itria Valley. There are over 1500 structures in the quarters of Rione Monti and Aja Piccola in Alberobello.

Trulli were usually constructed as temporary field shelters or as permanent dwellings by small farmers or agricultural labourers. There are many theories behind the origin of the design and when the trulli were built.

One such theory is that due to high taxes on property, the people of the area built dry stone wall constructions that could be dismantled quickly when tax inspectors were on the prowl.

Today they draw thousands of people every day to Alberobello. Many of the trulli have been converted to shops, cafes and restaurants. Some are still lived in by their original owners, who sometimes offer them as B&Bs.

This is the Rione Monti area, where most of the trulli are.

The streets are very pretty and the house well kept and inviting.

Trulli rooftops.

Trulli shops are quite tasteful even though they have tourists in mind.

At the top of the hill is a trulli inspired church.

Trulli souvenirs.

I like these trulli lights.

Some are really cute. Flowers and plants make a difference.

For something completely different there is an enormous cemetery outside Alberobello. Unlike the centre it was totally empty.

Alberobello is very popular with tourists, making it crowded a lot of the time. I would suggest visiting early in the morning to avoid some of the tour buses.

It is definitely worth seeing and I think staying in nearby Martina Franca would be a good idea, then you can drop in for a few hours and move on.



  1. What a beautiful place. Thanks for your insight

    • It is lovely despite the crowds.

  2. I was hoping you’d do a post of this amazing place famous for its unique Trulli architecture. Fabulous blog Deb.

    • The trulli are amazing.

  3. The trulli are truely beautiful in Alberobello. I think we will have to visit the south on our next trip.

    • I can give you some tips on that.

  4. What a beautiful town. Love those rooves. 😍

    • The rooftops are great.

  5. It is a wonderful place, but perhaps a bit crowded to stay there.

  6. The houses are so attractive and the shops would draw me in. I wonder how the residents feel about being surrounded by tourists

    • The residential area is a little bit away from this, but I guess you just get used to the crowds.

  7. One of my favourite places. I always take friends and family there when they come to visit me. 🙂

  8. Well…. I’m not sure the cemetery was truly empty!!!
    What a fascinating little place, just demonstrates the ingenuity of those avoiding taxes!!!! Jx

    • It was empty above ground.

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