Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 3, 2019


My mother would say that I am off gallivanting again. I am not sure she means this in a positive way, but I think it is a great word.

I am now in Helsinki on my way to Italy. I love this city in any season. It is now winter, although there are tiny signs of spring showing. The weather has been good. It is cold, but the sky has been mostly blue…perfect for a walk by the sea.






The blue sky makes a beautiful backdrop.




There is still some snow about, gathered in piles here and there. More is forecast in the next week, but I won’t see it. I fly to Italy today.

I can’t wait to see how my garden and Casa Debbio has survived the winter and to see my friends in Italy, my home for the next few months.


  1. Love the word “gallivanting” – my mother also used it. I think there was often a slight tinge of disapproval, but my impression always was that whoever it was, they were out there enjoying themselves.

    • There is definite disapproval in my mother’s tone, but that doesn’t stop me.

  2. I envy you your months in Italy – I miss our time there so much – more each year it seems. Your pics of Helsinki are lovely!

    • I am very happy that I get to spend 6 months each year in Italy. It was a great decision to buy an apartment there in 2003.

  3. The colours of Helsinki in winter are so pristine – can one be a ‘gallivanter’? I imagine so. And i think one would need special shoes, red for preference, so you could click your heels and go gleefully a-gallivanting. 😋

    • I’m wearing a pair of grey, waterproof Merrels right now. Will that do?

      • I think they will do nicely 🙂

  4. Moré gallivanting to enjoy and share with us. Have a good trip! I am also off on Tuesday going to San Francisco to meet our grandson, Sebastian.

    • I have just arrived in Bagni di Luccato a beautiful afternoon with sunshine. How lovely to meet your new grandson!

  5. Beautifully cold and crisp and bright!

    • Helsinki was great. I love the city.

  6. We have just left Italy and I can confirm that the weather is beautiful, the sky has been blue every day and the blossom is bursting into spring. We sat at Bar Italia in Bagni Di Lucca having a Prosecco or two watching the world go by….. wishing we didn’t have to leave.
    We are already chatting about our next trip at Easter and organising our itinerary too.
    Enjoy your trip and maybe we can meet up in Bar Italia 🥂chin chin x

    • I have just arrived and the village looks lovely in the sunshine. We will be here at Easter and will be happy to meet at the bar.

  7. LOL at the word gallivanting. I feel like people of a certain generation really love using it!

  8. My mother’s tone when she mentioned my “gallivanting” let me know that she didn’t approve of my traveling. Some of my best memories include gallivanting and I’m sure yours are as well. 😀

    • I heard that tone many times. I ignored it. I love travelling and intend to do it as long as I can

      • 😀

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