Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 8, 2018

A Danish house

Earlier this year we stopped in Copenhagen on our way back from Italy to Australia. While staying there we were invited through friends to visit a beautiful home in the Danish countryside. It was absolutely enchanting and just what I imagined a Danish summer cottage should look like.

Danish cottage

Danish cottage

Danish cottage

The cottage dates from the 16th century and has the most exquisite thatched roof. We were told it was replaced in the traditional way 16 years ago and is expected to last another 20 years. The roof is made from dried reeds growing nearby.

Danish cottage

Danish cottage

As well as the main house, there is a smaller one beside it, which provides a couople of extra bedrooms for guests.

Danish cottage

The garden was of particular interest to me. Some of the plants were familiar and some not. It was delightfully inviting, begging to to sat in and admired.

Danish cotrage

Danish cottage

I think I need a greenhouse just like this.

Danish cottage

There is not a straight line in the interior of the house…adding to the charm.

Danish cottage

Each room has been thoughtfully and beautifully decorated.


Danish cottage

Danish cottage


Lunch was delicious too, with lots of the ingredients coming from the garden. Who could want more from a summer cottage?


  1. Have always liked Scandinavian decor and gardens.

  2. Love the 2 angels? Whatever they are I want them – we loved Copenhagen and Denmark

    • It is a gorgeous house. We loved our day there.

  3. Utterly gorgeous …. that’s my dream home … not a modern mansion that to me feels like a mausoleum !!!! Jx

    • It is a charming house to be sure.

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    • We had a delightful day in that lovely place.

  5. Truly exquisite

  6. What a delightful Danish home! You are fortunate to visit such an old House. I love houses with crooked nooks and crannies and pretty gardens.

    • It is a lovely house and it owners were too.

  7. Charming little house.

    • I could live in it easily.

  8. It was a delightful visit with the most delicious lunch and charming company.

    • It was a great day all round.

  9. Oh, how lovely – we wants it!

    • I can see that you would love this.

  10. Oh, how wonderful – I absolutely love thatched roofs and the house looks straight out of a modern fairytale!

    • It is possible to imagine fairies at the bottom of this garden.

  11. Memories came rushing back, Ben had to bend his head each time through the door ways. One of his relations lived on the island of Fanu, the Danes have a special taste in their homes, thank you

    • We felt very lucky to be invited to spend the day in this lovely place.

  12. I’ve only been to Copenhagen which obviously provides quite a different view of Denmark. Thanks for taking us with you!

    • Copenhagen was great, but this day was special.

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