Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 20, 2018

Old things in Lugo

Vintage fairs can be a lot of fun in Italy. The fair in Lugo takes over much of the centre of town.


Lugo is a town in Emelia Romagna, between Bologna and Ravenna. The dominant landmark in the centre of the town is the Rocca Estense, which now houses the Town Hall. Its dungeon of Uguccione della Faggiola dates from 1298, while most of the architectural features are from 16th century.


Another prominent structure in Lugo is the monument to Francesco Baracca (1936), an aviator hero of WWI.


The Paviglione lies opposite the fortress and beside Francesco Baracca. It was built in the 18th century. It is an imposing square surrounded by loggias on its four sides.

This is the heart of the vintage fair. From here stalls radiate out into the surrounding streets.




There is lots to offer the vintage enthusiast…here is a small sample.


Of course there are lots of great places to take a break for coffee or lunch, including a few cute temporary offerings.


There is also an excellent permanent vintage shop in Lugo, A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Palace. Here 3 floors are stacked with a wonderful collection of vintage clothing and accessories. The top floor has a historic archive, not for sale, but can be rented for creative research, fashion shoots and exhibitions. Fashion professionals and researchers can visit the archive by booking an appointment.



If this isn’t enough vintage for you, there is another vintage fair coming up in Forli.




  1. We have been to Bagnacavallo, only 3 miles away from Lugo, as that city is linked to Rafael’s family, but we missed visiting Lugo, which seems beautiful and very interesting. Particularly the vintage festival. Thanks for sharing it.

    • The town seems to be a bit empty. Many of the shops along the streets surrounding the Paviglione were closed and boarded up. There few that remain are quite sophisticated. There are some very good cafes but the town has a deserted feeling. There were crowds at the fair but the rest of the town was dead, strange really.

  2. Looks like a fun fair….lots of interesting bits and pieces for sale.

    • The fair was very interesting. We saw lots of people carry large bags with their purchases.

  3. A beautiful Town Hall indeed. Love the porticos! Never seems to be a shortage of wonderful pics one can capture in any Italian town.

    • There are always interesting and beautiful things to be found.

  4. I would go absolutely crazy at that vintage fair! The items are in such good condition too from what I can see!

    • There was certainly a great selection.

  5. The vintage fair looks like it was lots of fun. It is a shame what you mentioned about so many of the stores being closed up in Lugo as it looks like a lovely town.

    • It was quite odd. There is clearly money in the town, but there were many closed doors.

      • Yes it does, you would think being between Ravenna and Bologna, it seems like it has a lot going for it.

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