Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 16, 2018

Winter at Curly Flat

I have been to Victoria to visit Curly Flat, the beautiful vineyard and winery owned by my sister. The grape vines are resting, waiting for spring.

This is the view across the lake towards the vineyard. It looks wonderful even in the dead of winter.

Curly Flat

Curly Flat

Curly Flat

The driveway is lined with beautiful gum trees…very Australian.

Curly Flat

Other trees have lost their leaves for winter.

Curly Flat

Curly Flat

I went for a chilly walk around the lake. The day was cold and windy with threatening rain.

Curly Flat

Curly Flat

I woke one morning to find a mob of kangaroos having breakfast outside my bedroom. There was a huge buck feasting on the grass just metres from me.

Curly Flat

Curly Flat


Flocks of colourful galahs come in to feed most days.

Curly Flat

A flock of guinea fowl has moved to Curly Flat. The birds are fun to watch. They charge around as a group squabbling amongst themselves. They are extremely noisy and seem to be having earnest conversations with each other.

Curly Flat

Curly Flat

They will eventually move up to the vineyard to help control pesky insects. They will keep snakes away from the vineyard as well with their noise, something vineyard workers will be happy about.

Vintage Hall is the tasting room at Curly Flat. It is delightfully cosy in winter with the fires going on cold winter days.

Curly Flat

Curly Flat produces some of Australia’a best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The winery is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 – 5.00pm. Drop in and say hello.

Curly Flat is in Lancefield, in the Macedon Ranges area of Victoria. It is the coolest wine growing area on mainland Australia, perfect for Pinot Noir.


  1. Thanks Debra. We will check this out. We have just moved to nearby Riddells Creek on a small hobby farm. Must have been inspired by the Italian kitchen gardens. Hope you are well.

    • Nice to hear from you. You have moved to a beautiful area.

  2. Looking forward to visiting Curly Flat on our next trip to Victoria.

    • You will get to meet my whole family.

  3. LOVE Pinot Noir!

  4. I love winter skies and the views of bare trees against the chilly dusk – it’s a very beautiful landscape there. I like the Guinea fowl and their very smart plumage.

    • You would love these birds. They talk to each other constantly. I wish I could understand guinea fowl.

  5. A wonderful place. Even if it looks as a cold winter…

  6. You are right, even in winter it is beautiful. I thought we had lots of wild critters in our apple orchard in New Hampshire but nothing like at your family’s vineyard. Are the guinea fowl domestic or are they wild?

    • The guinea fowl are domesticated. They are penned at night, but allowed to roam free all day. There are huge flocks of galahs and sometimes cockatoos. The kangaroos are regular visitors. It is fun to watch them come and go.

      • It would indeed by a fun sight to watch. đŸ™‚

  7. It looks like the perfect place to visit even during winter. I love avenues of trees.

    • Curly Flat is beautiful in any season

  8. Had a great time at Curly Flat the last time we visited my brother in Gisborne, Love their Pinot N and Chards.

    • Curly Flat wine is excellent

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