Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 3, 2018

Purple flowers

I love artichokes. I like to eat them and I love the plants. They look striking as they grow and I want to have some on one of the terraces at Casa Debbio.

Globe artichokes are a type of thistle. The edible part of the plant consists of the flower buds before the flowers come into bloom.

If the artichokes are not picked to be eaten they go on to develop the most beautiful purple flowers. Bees love them, another good reason to plant them.











These stunning specimens were spotted in Margaret River, Western Australia. I can’t wait to have my own artichoke flowers at Casa Debbio.


  1. This is great and so precious and healthy vegetable. Thank you dear Debra, Love, nia

    • The plant is stunning and artichokes taste great.

  2. Artichokes are a stunning garden plant. Their leaves, edible produce and flowers are very attractive. Many people grow them here as they are very colourful, structural and add interest to the garden.

    • They certainly looked good in the Voyager garden. I hope they grow for me at Casa Debbio.

  3. They also make very interesting flower arrangements. Have a look at this and you will also find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest

    • I love the flowers!

  4. They put on a pretty show and yes they are delicious. Good luck growing them in the garden at Casa Debbio. x

    • I will be planting them as soon as I get back to Casa Debbio.

  5. Stunning photography Debra. And we agree they are beautiful to look at and to eat! Christine and Douglas

    • The bees were buzzing around the flowers and the sun was shining. It was easy to get good photos.

  6. Artichoke are very pretty when left to bloom. When we travel in Germany and Austria during the fall, you often see artichoke blooms being sold alongside pumpkins.

    • It was in Germany that I first saw artichoke flowers. They were at a market in Erlangen.

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