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Rome’s fabulous frog fountain 🐸

I love frogs. Recent rain in Brisbane means there is a chorus of croaking in the evening outside my window.

I had a delightful frog experience on my last visit to Rome. I had heard about the fountain and set off to find it.

The fountain itself needs some love and a haircut. It sits in the middle of the Piazza Mincio in the Quartiere Coppede named for the architect who created it, Florentine Gino Coppede. It is a tiny neighbourhood is a mix of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Italian Liberty and a few other eras thrown in for good measure, quite unlike anything else in Rome.

8 frogs line the top of a basin supported by several human figures. The poor figures are encrusted with calcium and the frogs are sprouting grass but I was enchanted by the fountain. It was an overcast day with occasional bursts of bright sunshine, so the photos are not all good,  but you will get the idea.

Frog fountain Rome

Frog fountain Rome

The buildings that surround the fountain are stunning. My favourites were the Fairy Cottages, covered with decorations and surrounded  by a magnificent fence with elaborate gates.

Frog fountain Rome


Frog fountain Rome

Frog fountain Rome

Take a look at this amazing ship. I want one on my house!

Frog fountain Rome

The rest of the buildings are covered with animal motifs, spiders, snails, bees, people, curly things…the list goes on.

Frog fountain Rome

Frog fountain Rome

Frog fountain Rome

Frog fountain Rome

The Beatles attracted attention to the fountain many years ago when they stepped into the water fully clothed. It isn’t particularly old by Roman standards. It was built in 1924.

I know there is lots to see in Rome, but if you have the time make your way to Piazza Mincio. I’m sure you will be as delighted as I was. It is a short walk from the Gallery end of Villa Borghese (about 10 minutes) towards Parioli.




  1. Stunning! Reminds me of Gaudi’s creations in Barcelona. Great photos!

    • He was influenced by Gaudi.

  2. Oh, how cool!

    • It is a stunning neighbourhood. I loved it.

      • Well worth a visit!

  3. What a fantastic building. I love the fountain too.

    • It was a complete surprise to come upon this astounding area.

  4. In some of the research I looked at it said Art Deco and another Art Nouveau. Either way it is stunning . Coppede died before the project was finished and another architect completed the project.

  5. picturesque area of Rome near where i live. i don’t think i’d ever noticed the frogs! if it wasn’t raining i’d go there now

    • It is a bit difficult to make out the frogs because of the damage to the fountain, but if you look closely you will see them.

      • I’ll take a closer look next time I’m in that area. 🙂 Sometimes, there’s so much to see here that certain neighbourhoods are neglected, not to mention the little details of what can be found there. Thanks again for drawing my attention to it.

  6. I love frogs too! I think it’s a memory from childhood of the many green frogs that once hopped around the yard until toads tool over.

    • Green frogs are my favourite.

  7. I love that sail-billowed galleon – isn’t it magnificent.

    • I loved the decorations on that house, the ship most of all.

  8. Thank you for sharing! Added to my next year’s list 🙂

    • The whole piazza is stunning. You will love it.

  9. We came across this fantastic neighbourhood by accident, a couple of years ago, whilst staying close by. It was like an adult Fantasy or Fairyland. Magical, and well worth the trip to wander around admiring the mix of styles and ornamentation on all the homes. We also read that it was a combination of all those styles named.

    • I had no idea what to expect when I went there. I was just looking for a frog fountain. I loved the piazza.

  10. Good find!

  11. I love Rome – your photos are great. They take me back to my first/only trip there so far. Hope to get back soon. I’ll have to find the frogs when I go.

    • It is well worth setting out to find the frog fountain. The piazza is amazing.

  12. Wow Deb what a great post – there is always something to see in Rome, no matter how many times we have visited Rome – on my list for my next visit – fabulous photos

    • I have wanted to find the fountain for some time. I was certainly not disappointed.

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