Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 19, 2017

Walk behind a waterfall

While in Iceland we visited its most famous waterfall, Seljalandsfoss. It is part of the Seljalands river and originates in the volcano glacier Eyjafjallajokull.

The waterfall is spectacular. It is around 60 metres high in a stunning landscape.

Rainbows form in the spray from the falling water.

The best bit is that you can walk behind the waterfall. We had bought some gorgeous plastic raincoats at the supermarket in Reykjavik and they were put to good use.

We entered the track to the waterfall from the left side and it a reasonably easy walk. The path is wet, but surprisingly not too slippery.

Being behind the waterfall is breathtaking. The clips on the side of the supermarket raincoat didn’t work very well, so it kept flying up over my head. Juggling a camera that was getting wet while holding down the raincoat kept me busy.


The path out of the waterfall was steep and rocky. There was a bit of a holdup when a couple of people had to be dragged up. At that point I put the camera away and hauled myself up the slope.

The view from the other side was marvellous.

It was definitely worth getting wet and muddy to go behind the waterfall.

As we left I saw some brave souls walking up a very steep path to a cave beside the waterfall. I didn’t need that experience.

Seljalandsfoss is on the south coast of Iceland near Vik. It is lit up in winter, which must look stunning, but it is not possible to walk behind as it is too slippery. Seeing the waterfall is fabulous, but the walk behind it is a great experience.


  1. Amazing photos!
    But those Icelandic names look impossible to pronounce 🙂

    • I found it impossible to get my head around the pronunciation.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking, Deb. Fabulous photos.

    • It was a fun thing to do. Iceland is amazing.

  3. WOW wow wow. Some of the best waterfall photos ever. Can imagine how magical it was to be there and walk behind a wall or water like that. Photos are fabulous Deb.

    • It was a wonderful experience even if I was juggling a wet camera and a fly away raincoat.

  4. It’s so thrilling to be so close to such a powerful, rushing body of water and the landscape is just made for fairy stories isn’t it. What wonderful sights and sounds to carry in your mind – so long as one doesn’t land on one’s derrière, that is:)

    • I was very happy not to fall over. It was wet back there.

  5. Oh wow wow wow … and what beautiful photos with the great contrast between the sky, the green, and the water. Simply stunning!

    • Iceland is incredible. I think I need to go back.

  6. You’re very game to be photographing and walking on those rocks. Hats off to you.

    • I had to keep drying my poor camera.

  7. Captivating, I couldn’t get enough of looking at these fantastic shots!

    • It is an incredible feeling to behind that much water.

  8. Spectacular photos Deb….what a great experience to be able to walk behind the waterfall. Looks like it is a popular attraction.

    • Iceland attracts a lot of visitors. All the places we went had lots of people.

  9. As you discovered.this is a great place for taking photos.

    • Iceland is spectacular.

  10. Truly spectacular!

  11. Wow, now that’s one massive waterfall.

    • You can certainly feel how powerful it is when you are behind it.

  12. Iceland looks a beautiful country, another to do place to add on to my expanding list, and that waterfall is stunning, as are your photos.

    • I hope you get to Iceland soon, it’s great.

  13. wow

  14. Wow I can’t wait to visit Iceland !! Lovely photos again Debra..

    • You will love Iceland I’m sure.

  15. Absolutely incredible! It was raining when I went there so I didn’t go behind the waterfall (and I was on a tour so we only stopped their briefly). What amazing shots!!!

    • What a pity you didn’t get to walk behind. We were lucky with the weather. It was cold and some days windy, but we had no rain.

      • Yes it was! That means I have to go back! It was in 2009 and quite honestly I didn’t do much research about the trip beforehand.

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  17. Wow! I had an eleven-day trip to Iceland planned and paid for, for May 2017, a month before you were there. But I was in an accident in March and was unable to go.

    Although I got my flight fare refunded, the greater part of the trip cost was the accommodations, which were non-refundable. It will take me years to save that kind of money again, because I’m on disability.

    Meanwhile, though, I can still travel there (and elsewhere) in my armchair by reading books, looking at maps, and reading posts like yours! <3

    • What a pity you didn’t make it to Iceland. It is a fascinating place.

  18. Looks like a marvellous adventure, Deb! Love the rainbow at the end of the waterfall.

    • It was a fun thing to do.

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